Sunday, August 02, 2009

End of the night takedowns

When I was a little younger, I used to always hate to leave a party early, just in case I missed anything. I'm old enough to need my sleep now, so it doesn't bother me so much anymore, but I still wonder what I might have missed out on.

If you're the same, and you were at Heidi's birthday party last weekend, I was lucky enough to film the second last event (the sucking all the helium out of the balloons moment didn't come out so good in the pitch darkness of a rainy night), so you no longer have to feel like you missed out.

Apologies in advance for the drunken slurring of words - to be honest I had no recollection of this incident until I reviewed the camera the next day. And watch with amazement as the talent of Ms Klassen shines through......

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Monday, June 08, 2009

That was some weekend


So we managed to pack a few things in this weekend. Saturday morning we headed up just north of Loveland to a hot rod/custom car show.


We had planned on just an hour or two, but there were fields and fields of pretty amazing cars, so we obviously blew way past the initial time we allocated (and we had to stand in line for about half an hour to get something for lunch). It was worth it though, as there were plenty of top notch cars there.


Then after a quick blast back down I25, and a shower, we grabbed a couple of drinks and headed over to Neil and Lauren's Housewarming Party. It must be the summer for parents, as Neil's Mam and Dad are across as well, so I think that was the highest Geordie concentration in Denver for a while.


There was definitely a lot of bouncy castle action (and some of it not even involving any kids).


We actually managed to stay out until midnight, along with a few other likely suspects, and I think everyone had a blast. I know we did...


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Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Party Time

If you want to kick that party off in style with some Al Brown style disco antics (and you don't want Phil ruining your house permanently with a dry ice smoke machine), this is the perfect thing for you. Your own portable disco wherever you lay your hat (now that's your home).

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feed Me

Cool pic from Like Cool, that I thought would be quite handy to signify the massive amounts of food that could be consumed at our house today. The annual Wife's Birthday's BBQ happens today, and the slight panic that occurs when you have over 70 people reply in the positive to the Evite, and that doesn't include the neighbours or the friends from work is in full swing. Luckily a successful trip to Costco to stock up on food was preceded with an equally successful trip to the liquor store, so I think we're good.

Despite being chief cooker at the grill, I'm going to see if I can fit in taking a few pics as well, so there might be a chance I post a few tomorrow if you're lucky. Stayed tuned.

And Happy Birthday Evie - still can't believe you're one already. See you in November when we're home girl.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday Party

Birthday Drink, originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.

After a year on hiatus, we once again mobbed the deck at Fado's to have the joint Aaron and Tonks birthday celebration. The night started off in a nice quiet and controlled manner (and some nice person was even offering free shots of Newcastle Brown Ale), but of course quickly degenerated into the usual shot drinking, word slurring extravaganza.

Luckily for me, the wife extracted me at the right time, and I made it home all safe and sound. Special mentions go to Batsukh for making it all the way down from up north (on public transport as well!) for his first work related night out, and the boys and girls who made it to Pete's Kitchen and Denver Diner for post closing breakfast.

I took a couple of pics here (and definitely more than Tonks, who's camera died on the first attempt due to a lack of battery), but I'm sure there were other people there who took more than me (I'm talking about you Colleen), so if I can dig them out, I'll add a link.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Our Christmas Party

Another corker of a night. George, you really should have come along....

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Boat Will Be No More

For all of my drinking life, The Boat (aka The Tuxedo Princess) has sat below the Tyne Bridge, enticing students and locals with cheap drinking specials, dodgy PA appearances, and the landmark known as the revolving dancefloor (the cause of many a drunken stumble).

There were so many rooms that it was easy to get lost (some were open more than others), it often lent to one side, and as I got older, I frequented the place less and less. It got a bit of a reputation for fighting, and so nearly lost it's license in 2005.

I guess all change is inevitable (and I'm dealing with that on another front, with the sale of the home I grew up in going through last week), and with the upgrading of the Quayside, The Boat is no longer welcome. Not sure when the closing down date is going to be, but the BBC has a few more details if you're interested.

Maybe they'll have a closing down party at Christmas when I go back, so we can pay our last respects or something. I'll have a triple vodka, lime and lemonade please..

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tonks and Aly Get Hitched

So, it actually happened - the wedding went ahead without a hitch, the weather held out for the top of the mountain, and everyone had a complete blast. So many stories, so little time, but maybe the pics will give you an idea of how much fun everyone had. Of course, Mr Batty managed to take a few as well (and even had the ceremony ones ready by the cocktail hour, which was pretty damn impressive). The reception ones from him are here....

I survived my MC'ing duties for the night, and luckily didn't feel the urge to break out the MC Hammer impressions (and the boxing approach to introducing people got nixed the night before). Everyone who spoke did a pretty amazing job - I was worried for Sam when I saw him before the speeches, as he looked like he was about to die, but to be honest, when he got going, he managed to make probably the best speech I've ever heard. Ash and Nick also did a great job, and the girls (who had to follow Sam) had obviously done their homework and pulled off the synchronized speech to a tee.

Obviously, being Mr Tonkins wedding, there was a couple of drinks consumed during the day/night and then everyone hit the dancefloor in a big way. Many highlights (Tartleys dive for prime spot in the group photo, Sam's 8 drinks at last orders, Glenns 4 and complete panic that he might have to drink them, Ted shouting out of the balcony window until 3am when Heidi decided to join in and abuse him until he shut up, Nicky offering to get naked if the DJ would play just one more song etc etc), but seeing Aly and Adam smiling the whole night made the hangover worth it.

There's one more video that needs a little touch up before I can post it, so stay tuned for that later in the week - if you weren't there, it'll give you a great feeling for how good it was, and if you were, you're probably in it ;-)

Now, if I can just kick this hangover thing, and stay off the booze for a couple more days......

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heidi's Birthday Party

Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
It was a good one (as always). I was relieved of my cooking duties this year, and we got the help of Maggianos to provide the food for the troops. Of course, we totally forgot the portion sizes when we ordered, so I think everyone went home with a big bag of food, and the fridge and freezer are now fully stocked for the foreseeable future.

Fynn made it through her first party, although I think by the end it all got too much for her. We also managed to successfully recreate the Purple Hooter experience, so that made me and Ash happy anyway.

The rest of the photos are up on Flickr here, although I did totally forget that I had put the camera on charge until later in the night.....

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Aussies Singing? I hope not.....

The fact that I briefly appeared in this video was a surprise to me, as I had no recollection of this song, or the video camera presence. I still haven't decided if the camera work or the singing was worth, but needless to say, they were both very very bad. One more stag/bachelor party to go, and then it's over for the foreseeable future. My liver will be happy.....

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Neil and Lauren Get Married

The Wedding Party
Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
Well, it was as expected - a perfect day. It seemed like everyone had a blast (and I know we did), and some of the dancing towards the end of the night bordered on the spectacular.

I made a point of trying to take plenty photos during the day, only to realize that I hadn't managed very many of Neil and Lauren together when I came to upload them.

Anyway, the rest of the pics are here (and if other people have any, let me know so I can add in the links). Now I just have to work out how to get rid of my hangover (but it's not as bad as Thompsons ;-)

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Urrgghhh - Saturday Night was as big as expected

The big joint backelor party on Saturday (see 2 posts below) was as big as expected, but after making it back out last night (for a little while anyway) to Tonks post party party, it was confirmed that everyone survived.

The golf "race" was a two horse race after the first two pubs - Lance and Jason deciding that they'd get a running start by hitting the car bombs en mass (I think they did around 4 or 5 in the first 45 minutes I was there). The route got changed half way through as 975 Broadway (I think that's what it was called) had some huge couches that were too comfy to get out of. We did make it to Funky Buddha at the end (well, most of us - Neil "disappeared" at some point, to spend the rest of the night on his living room floor) - a mass panic when I realized I had ran out of tabs was averted by talking to as many strangers as I could and "borrowing" the occasional one.

No photos yet - the bicycle riding attending known as Mr Penn was the only one with a camera, and as his site is never actually up, it may be a while before we get to see them. That may not neccessarily be a bad thing though - I mean, how many pics of drunken guys does anyone need to see?


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lauren's Bachelorette Party

Last week was Lauren's bachelorette party, and as I'm a boy, I know nothing about what happened - my role (no, not stripper, although of course I volunteered) was kept as designated taxi driver for the wife and sister for the night, ,which was fine by me - I got a night on XBox, accompanied by my faithful servant, KFC for one.
Anyway, it sounded like everyone had a blast (and Lauren avoided doing too many shots). Heidi posted some pics on Flickr if you want to check them out.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ella Hits 1 - Has a big party

Any excuse to put up pics of our neice. Today is her first birthday, and it looks like she's having a blast. Unfortunately, she's our only neice who lives "back home" so it'll be a little while before we get to see each other. All her birthday party pics are here if you want to see them.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Vegas Weekend

OK - so this took a while, but I finally did manage to get the photo's and one video uploaded from the weekend. The highlight was the Ricky Hatton fight - one of those things that you didn't know was going on, then getting last minute tickets (pretty close to the ring too) and having an absolute blast.

The weekend had started off ok with on-time flights, a decent room at the Bellagio (for a special price based on the fact that I always hand over lots of additional cash to the casinos when I'm there), and actually finding my wife in the huge complex that is known as MGM. However, we were both feeling pretty rough, with a hectic week almost behind us, and a decent bout of cold/flu type symptoms that had us dragging. A couple of cocktails and some wasabi peas helped out at Tao in The Venetian, but then we hit the wall and headed back for room service and a pretty early night (although I did go back downstairs for an hour on the machines to lose even more money).

Saturday was the best day - we hit Stratosphere (the cheap places always seem to be luckier for me) and managed to win a little money. Ended up staying there until around 4, when the plan emerged for the Hatton fight (we had saw a poster the night before when wandering around). Tickets secured, a quick change at the hotel, a run across the road, disappointment when we realized the ticket office had told us a 7pm start meant that was when the 2 main fights were starting, and we had missed the 3 or 4 fights on the undercard, but then elation when we saw where our seats were. The guys next to us were a good laugh as well, and the beer section was close enough to run to and stock up as necessary (there appeared to be waitresses wandering around taking orders, but one waitress per 500 people meant it was a crap shoot to even get her attention, and the time between ordering and receiving bordered on the ridiculous). The place was full of dodgy blokes from Manchester, but everyone was in good spirits and the atmosphere got better as the night went on. Even the HBO camera teams were good crack (they were pretty close to our seats for most of the night, and spent what seemed to be a large part of the time taking video of the wife - she did look particularly stunning that night though, I must say). Photos are uploaded here - some of the fight ones came out ok, but my favorite is this one of Larry Merchant - he really thought Heidi was a huge fan and asked her to wait a second so he could pose properly for the close up. Little did he know we actually slag him off soooo much when we're watching HBO - he's way too old and losing a couple of marbles to keep up with the modern game. Even though we knew he wore a decent amount of make-up, nothing prepared us for the shock of the real thing - that stuff was shovelled on his face, and must have been an inch deep! And the young(er) guy who sits with him was no better.


Anyway, after the fight, we hit Bally's for a bit, and then planned to meet up with Heidi's friends form work over at Hard Rock. Through some connections, luck and a small amount of cash exchanging hands, we bypassed the ridiculous line outside and headed straight for the VIP section. There weren't any VIP's in there though, so we just pretended to be rich and famous, and had a few cocktails to wind down the night. Unfortunately, at around 2am, I realized that the half a tuna melt I had at 1pm wasn't going to be quite enough to soak up all the alcohol (I had started drinking at about 1.05pm and hadn't really stopped for too long), so what followed next should have been expected. I won't go into too many details here (see Mam, I do protect you just in case you read this), but it involved a speedy walk/run to the bathroom, almost making it, a trashcan, 3 bouncers, a cleaner and for some strange reason a midget on a stool pressing elevator buttons (quickly followed by 2 people getting "friendly" but totally being busted when they didn't realize they were leaning against an elevator door). The conclusions were all good though - no bruises, another thing off my "things to do before I die" list (being asked to leave a Vegas club), and I was feeling great.

Sunday was the usual blow out - we got a late checkout, room service breakfast, delayed flight and then more snow to arrive back to (just under a foot in our street). However, Saturday made the whole weekend worth it (and is still making me smile today).

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Friday, January 05, 2007

New Years Eve Party


We went for the usual blast up to Frisco (in Colorado, not San Fransisco in California, in case you were wondering). Lots of people made it up this year, and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. Too much Red Bull rendered sleep a little hard to come by once the celebrations were over, compounded by a 10am kick out time from the hotel, but we all survived to tell the tale.

All of the New Years Party photos are here.

And apologies for the lack of posts this week - I've entered into a new phase of my life which doesn't involve booting up the computer when I walk through the door every evening. Before you know it, I might even read a book! OK, maybe not, but I'll try and catch up over the weekend with plenty of random stuff (especially as it looks at the minute like it might be round 3 of being snowed in - what is going on in Denver this year....)

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Friday, December 29, 2006

New Years Eve Countdown

With the snow still coming down in Denver, and the forecasts revised today estimating that the snow might not stop until New Years Eve, our plans for hitting the mountains are now either a) in jeopardy, or b) still fine, just with an extra long and hairy drive up there added for a bit of fun. Either way, I'm sure we'll still have fun, unlike the man below, who appears to have had that one extra pint that takes you just too far over the edge. Obviously, this will no doubt remind some regular readers of this blog of some serious nights out in Potts, and for some reason the names Bland and Wallace immediately spring to mind. Anyway, I digress - just make sure, when you're all out having fun this New Years Eve, always remember to use the pedestrian crossings - we don't want you getting hurt (and if you're at work, or the kids or around, you might want to mute the sound - the editor added one of the Southpark songs from the film version on here, and there's one or two swear words included).

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