Thursday, September 03, 2009

Brothers Hit the Big Leagues

Now that blogger has decided to start letting me upload pics again, I can catch up a little.

So this past weekend the brothers back in England did their bit for charity by playing footy in a tournament in aid of Bobby Robson's cancer charity (pretty certain that was the cause, but you can correct me in the comments if I got it wrong). One of the perks of signing up teams was that each one was allocated a former Newcastle player as "coach" for the tournament.

Daniel and Matthew kinda lucked out I'm guessing, and got Stevie Watson. He's a local lad who was (and still holds the record by the way) the youngest player to ever play for Newcastle's first team, when he was still only 16. He played for us a lot in the 90's, when I was in the "go to as many games as I could" phase of my life (all home of course, and plenty of away games too), so I was a big fan. He had a pretty incredible touch, and enough skill that he ended up playing pretty much every position at one point or another in his career. Ruud Gullit made plenty of mistakes in his time as manager of Newcastle, and one of them was selling Steve to Villa. I'm pretty jealous I wasn't back home this weekend....

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Divn't need a coat, me like

And now some scientists are intrigued enough to find out why.....

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vacation (holiday) update

Having far too much fun to be writing blog posts, so here's a quick one just so I don't feel too guilty. We're currently in Center Parc near Penrith, where remarkably the rain has held off since yesterday, and we've been aimlessly wandering around all the things you could do if you were the type to enjoy a bit of exercise on holiday. Of course, we ended up in the pub at 2 o'clock....


Had a hectic weekend, with Daniels Birthday meaning karting and a trip to the Metro Center on Friday, followed by curry and beers in the night. Saturday was lunch with friends and kids at Shire House Farm, and then a night out on the Quayside, hitting Pitcher and Piano for the first time in a while, and then making the usual culinary mistake of a kebab fully loaded with chilli sauce (it always tastes great at the time, and you realize your mistake the next day).


Sunday was Matthew's Birthday, and we all headed to St James Park for a great Sunday lunch, and then a tour of the ground.

Pretending to be management

Got a couple of more days hanging out here (we might even make it to the swimming pool tomorrow, you never know), and then off down to London for a Thanksgiving Dinner with friends, and then hopefully meeting up with lots of other friends as well. We'll see how that goes. And obviously, going to be in desperate need of some sleep by the time we get back to Denver....

Plenty of photos are up on Flickr here if you really must.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ella is a Rock Star

And just to prove it, she needs shades to eat her breakfast on her birthday morning.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Keegan Returns

Bit of a shocker, and just breaking, but Keegan is back in management at Newcastle. BBC has the news here - this will definitely improve the amount of attacking the team does, but will we win anything this time around?

One of his more famous moments at Newcastle was following the away game at Leeds (which I happened to have gone down to, coz those were the days when I actually lived in England), when he got pissed off with what Ferguson was saying and went ballistic on Sky (see the video below for what I'm talking about). That was one of two classic post match listening to Five Live moments on the BBC (both times I was actually with Pete, who now gets to spend all his time on football) - the second being when Cantona karate kicked his way into the crowd when Man U were playing Crystal Palace.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Boat Will Be No More

For all of my drinking life, The Boat (aka The Tuxedo Princess) has sat below the Tyne Bridge, enticing students and locals with cheap drinking specials, dodgy PA appearances, and the landmark known as the revolving dancefloor (the cause of many a drunken stumble).

There were so many rooms that it was easy to get lost (some were open more than others), it often lent to one side, and as I got older, I frequented the place less and less. It got a bit of a reputation for fighting, and so nearly lost it's license in 2005.

I guess all change is inevitable (and I'm dealing with that on another front, with the sale of the home I grew up in going through last week), and with the upgrading of the Quayside, The Boat is no longer welcome. Not sure when the closing down date is going to be, but the BBC has a few more details if you're interested.

Maybe they'll have a closing down party at Christmas when I go back, so we can pay our last respects or something. I'll have a triple vodka, lime and lemonade please..

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Roeder Resigns (allegedly of course)

I must admit, I was a little surprised this morning when I found out Roeder had 'resigned'. I know the result (and from what I can gather, the performance as well) was terrible, and we're sitting at the low end of mid-table, but the fact that a manager is actually leaving at an ideal time is a little unusual for Newcastle. In the past few years, we've normally waited until the manager has spent all the funds for a year, gone through pre-season with everyone, and then had the usual bad start to the season before he goes. I guess this time, we're at least trying to get the order right.

Obviously, all the money is on Big Sam to come in and take over, although nothing has been confirmed yet - just seems a bit of a coincidence for Roeder to go one game after Mr Alladyce left his beloved Bolton. I have heard he's a pretty progressive manager, and very impressive to speak to, but to be honest, I just want someone who can come in and help the team win something. Of course, if it was that easy, we'd have done it before now....

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