Sunday, September 27, 2009

458 Video

Just in case you were undecided whether you liked the new Ferrari (although not sure how that could be possible personally), may I present the Ferrari promo video...

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Ferrari 458 Italia

As usual, Ferrari runs in at the most unexpected moment and steals my heart....

So the F430 replacement just got officially announced (with the pics I'm showing here), and a couple of details - 562 bhp at 9000rpm (!!!?!!), 392 lb/ft of torque and a 0-60 of 3.4 secs. It's got a twin clutch gearbox (similar to the one in the California), and there'll be lots more information at the official release/showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Loving the way it looks like a baby Enzo....

Oh yeah, and here's a bit of gratuitous music for your ears

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Fave Internet Find of the Week

Normally, finding the smallest Ferrari key in the world wouldn't be what I considered a great internet moment. Not bad, but not like, wow or anything.

But this time it's different, see. It actually really works. And there's the rest of the car in such ridiculous detail to go with this key. You need to go here and look at it - it actually made me feel like a little kid again seeing all the detail in this work. Totally awesome dude..... (and as the commenters pointed out on the site, no way this guy has a wife or girlfriend)

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora, originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.

So yesterday was the turn of Ferrari of Denver to host the Lotus Evora coming out party. Although they've been released over in Europe, you still can't buy one over here until the beginning of next year, so this was the first time for many to see one first hand (including me).

They're actually really nice - it seemed smaller that I thought it was going to be - they're not really that much bigger than an Elise, although definitely easier to get in and out of. The back seats, hmmm. The Lotus guy told me that he'd had people in the back, but I'm not sure - they're definitely of the plus 2 variety, and I couldn't see any legroom with a reasonable sized person in the front.

No-one got to drive them, but I was chatting with the Lotus guys who had driven them cross country - much more comfortable than an Elise was what I got out of them, while still handling well on the track.

Based on the estimated price over here, they're going to come in around the same price as a base 911, but in reality I think they're more likely to compete with the Cayman S form what I've read of the reviews.

Oh, and if you've got a spare $300k lying around, the guys at Ferrari of Denver just took delivery of an F430 Scuderia - it's sitting in the showroom right now with your name on it.......

F430 Scuderia

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Audi Not Welcome in Maranello

I guess the downturn seems to have inspired at least a couple of marketing companies to a better game.....

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Ferrari Friday

If the F430 Scuderia isn't fast enough for you, there's this little gem from Novitec - they added a couple of superchargers on there, along with some other bits and pieces to make sure you stay on the road, and sent it out for some lucky people to play with. Unfortunately, they decided their press car was going to be yellow, which is pretty unforgiveable in my book. And only an extra $74k over the base price? Bargain if you ask me.

Next up is the new California, moving it's roof gracefully from open to close. I think I want one now....

And that's it for now. Posting may be greatly reduced for the next 5 or 6 days as I take some much needed vacation, which will include leaving my laptop at home for the duration, so I can really relax and get some rest. Lots of photos to show at the end of next week no doubt though. And if you're around NYC and want to meet up (and we haven't already discussed it), I can always be contacted on Twitter if it manages to stay up....

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Car Crash Weekend - Ferrari Edition

(This post makes me cry a little inside)

So last week was a couple of race cars involved in a little touchy feely with things they shouldn't have (pit crew and a stray dog). Today is a bit of a Ferrari special - I'm not sure if last week was just a really bad week for Ferrari crashes, or if it's the in vogue thing for the car blogs to post, with no car shows going on at the minute.

Anyway, first up is the sensible Dutch guy who decided he needed a quick bath. With his car.

Second up is the kid we all used to hate at school - the one who's Dad gives him the keys to his latest speed mobile, so he can show off to his mates. It looks like this one might not be allowed to borrow the car anymore.....

The last one is probably the most amazing. Despite pretty much losing the top half of the car to the crash barrier, the driver and passenger of this F355 made it out alive. At least they had the decency to use one of the older Ferrari's when they were crashing......

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ferrari California

I obviously want one (unless the statement about the dual clutch transmission means there is no manual operation, in which case I'll politely spend my money somewhere else - my first Ferrari will have a metal gate around a manual stick).

More details via Jalopnik here

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Matte Black F430

If you got a 200k supercar, would you paint it matte black?

Apparently this isn't even paint - it's an all over vinyl coat - does the paint survive under that thwn you realize you really just wanted your red baby back?

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Ferrari Out-Brakes BMW

So not long after BMW leaks the news they're working with Brembo for their brakes in the future, Ferrari comes out and trumps everyone (now that never happens, does it...) and announces their whole line for 2008 on will come with brakes of the ceramic variety.

Given they're a good few grand (an $8k option on a Porsche I think), it's not a cheap add-on - the question I have is you sat on the rumored 4 year waiting list, and had just taken delivery of your 2007 F430, would it make you pissed off? I didn't think so ;-)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Favorite Car

I know I spend too much time thinking about cars, but it's kinda enjoyable. Sometimes I get asked what's my favorite car - that's a tough question to answer, when there's all this choice out there. I always have a list in my head of different cars I would buy depending on the money I had available(which was why I ended up pretty happy a day after the STi got stolen), so I guess the true test would be "what would I buy if I just won $50 million on PowerBall. Well, after our agreed upon 4 week period of not spending anything, I would happily wander down to the garage down below and purchase the car in this video without any regrets whatsoever.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Name Change, Same Result

The long rumored, often lusted after F430 Challenge Stradale turned into the F430 Scuderia. Not sure I like the name, but I do like the results - power up to 510 bhp, weight shaved by 100kg, integration between the F1 traction control and E-Diff, and lots of smiles guaranteed.

Despite the press release from Ferrari, the official release is at the Frankfurt Motor Show (how does that work then....) by the retiree with the best job, Herr Michael Schumaker. One day, when I grow up, I'm going to race cars.....

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Best Passport in the World

Normally, I would have said the British Passport was the best in the world, but maybe that's just coz it's the one I've got. Then, courtesy of Autoblog, I found out about this one....

It seems that there aren't too many of these up for grabs, but basically it gives you unrestricted access to the Ferrai factory, test track, and no questions asked access to any of the Ferrari fleet cars whenever you like. How's that for a deal? It looks like it may only be given to their more successful drivers on retirement (so I bet Schuey has one), so chances of me (or you for that matter) getting your hands on one of these is somewhat remote.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

F40 vs Veyron

I'm never going to get inside both of these cars, so I have to make do with videos on YouTube. The film isn't that great, but the driver giggling like a little kid when he puts his foot down was a good bit, and the Ferrari driver nonchalantently applying opposite lock as he came out of a corner was the highlight for me.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

In honor of the perfect day

So, today was a damn fine day - skived off work for the day to hit the slopes with my kid brother (sometimes pretty hard, as it had been a couple of years since my last snow adventure), watched a couple of neices get on the "big peoples" ski lift and make it down the hill alive, and then call into the Ferrari garage on the way home, just coz. I obviously didn't buy anything, but that place always gets me too excited.

So in honor of the day (and coz I can't be bothered to search for any snowboarding footage, and I left my camera at home), here's a little Ferrari vid.

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