Sunday, August 02, 2009

End of the night takedowns

When I was a little younger, I used to always hate to leave a party early, just in case I missed anything. I'm old enough to need my sleep now, so it doesn't bother me so much anymore, but I still wonder what I might have missed out on.

If you're the same, and you were at Heidi's birthday party last weekend, I was lucky enough to film the second last event (the sucking all the helium out of the balloons moment didn't come out so good in the pitch darkness of a rainy night), so you no longer have to feel like you missed out.

Apologies in advance for the drunken slurring of words - to be honest I had no recollection of this incident until I reviewed the camera the next day. And watch with amazement as the talent of Ms Klassen shines through......

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday Party

Birthday Drink, originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.

After a year on hiatus, we once again mobbed the deck at Fado's to have the joint Aaron and Tonks birthday celebration. The night started off in a nice quiet and controlled manner (and some nice person was even offering free shots of Newcastle Brown Ale), but of course quickly degenerated into the usual shot drinking, word slurring extravaganza.

Luckily for me, the wife extracted me at the right time, and I made it home all safe and sound. Special mentions go to Batsukh for making it all the way down from up north (on public transport as well!) for his first work related night out, and the boys and girls who made it to Pete's Kitchen and Denver Diner for post closing breakfast.

I took a couple of pics here (and definitely more than Tonks, who's camera died on the first attempt due to a lack of battery), but I'm sure there were other people there who took more than me (I'm talking about you Colleen), so if I can dig them out, I'll add a link.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heidi's Birthday Party

Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
It was a good one (as always). I was relieved of my cooking duties this year, and we got the help of Maggianos to provide the food for the troops. Of course, we totally forgot the portion sizes when we ordered, so I think everyone went home with a big bag of food, and the fridge and freezer are now fully stocked for the foreseeable future.

Fynn made it through her first party, although I think by the end it all got too much for her. We also managed to successfully recreate the Purple Hooter experience, so that made me and Ash happy anyway.

The rest of the photos are up on Flickr here, although I did totally forget that I had put the camera on charge until later in the night.....

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