Friday, October 30, 2009

We had a bit of snow this week

IMG_4939, originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.

When I got off the plane, way back in 1997, I had no idea what weather to expect over here. Gareth wore his big jacket, ready for the snow, I had something in between, and Mr Rob Younger showed up in shorts and t-shirt to collect us from the airport (September 30th and 80 degrees). 3 weeks later, the storm of 97 arrived and we were buried in 3 feet of snow. Luckily we had a decent beer supply in the fridge, and plenty of film in the camera as we stared outside and on the news in disbelief.

Of course, after that storm, we just presumed that was how winters would be in Denver - huge storms every couple of weeks. It never quite turned out that way, although in the subsequent years we've had a few that are comparable.

Anyway, this one was nowhere close to the original, but it was a decent storm for so early in the season. I think it took a few people by surprise, but luckily I got the snow tires on just in time. And of course, this early means it will all be melted away by the end of the weekend. I love Colorado weather.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shiv Gets Married

Which of course gives the usual suspects the chance to offer some "wise" advice...

(video blatantly stolen from Mr Penn)

Halloween Plans


This Halloween, you dress up as a giant silver balloon while I hide out at home not doing shit

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh Yeah Baby!!

Could it, please, please, please? I spent some of last night "driving" this (Forza 3), and yes, I realize they don't handle as well as a Mini Cooper S, but if I did invest in a daily driver, this is probably up there if the price is reasonable. And it looks like I've got until 2011 to save up.....

REPORT: Fiat 500 to launch in the U.S. with Abarth performance model

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Letterman Top 10 - Northwest Pilot Excuses


Friday, October 23, 2009

Balmer isn't Jobs

Think we all know that already. What's kinda funny in this tv show spot for the launch of Windows 7 (apart from the fact that they bring up questions about iPhones and Apple in general), is that the graphic behind promoting Windows 7 is actually a Mac.....


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drunk couching

This is made all the funnier due to the fact that Pete is in Minnesota right now. Wonder if he managed to spot the motorized la-z-boy in a carpark somewhere?

(H/T to Peugeot) [KARE11]

Minnesota Man Gets DUI On Motorized La-Z-Boy [Daily DUI]

Dancing makes him happy

The fun starts around 2.30 in

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love the Mini Ads

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Buy a Porsche, get a free USB drive

Well, a new Panamera to be precise. I'm sure it's more of a nice surprise, rather than a reason to put down all your hard earned cash on a car that has yet to be described as pretty. And don't get it confused with your actual key fob - you might get locked out.....

Porsche Panamera owners rewarded with USB drive shaped like... Panamera

Monday, October 19, 2009

TSA and Humor? Probably not a good idea

[XKCD via The Daily What]

Techstars Blooper Reel

If you were following along with the always entertaining Techstars summer video series (and lets face it, why wouldn't you), this should bring a smile or two to your face.

The Founders | Bloopers from Megan Leigh Sweeney on Vimeo.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Strangest 0% APR Offer (ever?)

I'm not really sure if 0% financing will make or break the deal with someone looking for one of these, but Lambo is trying to seal the deal I guess. You still have to come up with 20% down ($80k) and it will give you a monthly payment of $5333.33 a month for 60 months (that's 5 years to normal people). If you really want to take a gamble on the Audi reliability coming through on these beauties, there is the 5.9% financing over 12 (yes twelve!!!) years with 10% down for only $3500 per month.

Personally, if I'm spending that much money on a car (and I'm not, just for the record), it's going to be red and from Maranello...

(via Autoblog)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever?

Face blocked out coz he's just a kid, but really? Suicide bomber for your halloween costume?

There's a few more at this link


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mia Michaels Leaving So You Think You Can Dance?

That's what she's posting on her twitter feed anyway. She's definitely been one of the highlights of the show for me (especially after Shane Sparks left), but I'm sure the show will survive.


In other useless news

If you're tired of the story of the boy flying around northern Colorado in a hot air balloon/spaceship which wasn't quite the story it got made out to be, here's something equally uninteresting. The guy on Jeopardy on Monday actually broke the rules and appeared twice (not allowed unless you're invited back by the producers apparently). Now this isn't really decent news - the big story is the tight bastard couldn't buy a new tie in the 10 years between his appearances.......

Monday's Jeopardy contestant appeared on the show before

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My First Fail

Not your average baby pics

My First Fail: Adorable Funny Baby Photos

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Marge Hit's Playboy

In what has to be the strangest move in the history of soft porn, Playboy has put Marge Simpson on the front cover, in an effort to attract a "younger audience". I'm pretty sure there are other people they could have picked to attract the 20-something crowd, but I'm guessing with the always possible bankruptcy, getting a couple of guys to draw some racy pics was cheaper than persuading Megan Fox she should remove her clothes for the magazine.


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Fall Driving School

Well that's another one in the books. We were back down to Pueblo for the Fall Driving School with the Rocky Mountain chapter of the BMW Car Club, and much fun was had by all.

There were lots of highlights, and the general banter with the gang (as well as before and after on email) was all top notch. Ross made it out without breaking anything, although he was in Franks Elise when Frank decided to go all agricultural at the end of the day. We had a winner in the group for best car of the day (they must have liked the Smurf), and everyone seemed like they were fast and happy by the end of the day (minus a couple of run-ins with the shuffle steer nazi).

Gareth had managed to invest in a set of coilovers, which looking at the laps below, paid dividends. It also makes the A8 lower and meaner, so it looked good in the car park the night before as well as on the track.

Mr Wallace kindly let us borrow his new video camera, and Todd's video is here, while Gareth's is below. I somehow managed to not be able to get the video set up when I put it on my car (obvious user error), but I did get about 800 photos of my drive, which provided the apex hitting evidence at the top there.

Everyone is now looking at whether or not they can get out to the track again before winter sets in - this weekend is meant to be the Audi club at HPR, but snow is forecast for both days so that might be tough. Porsche club the weekend after though 8-)) so there's still a chance, as well as the open lapping days. Stay tuned....

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Punch Camera

The Modern Day Polaroid? The Punch Camera

Best Looking Laptop Speakers?

$100 from LaCie (who happen to be the makers of all the external hard drives I own...) Apart from looking pretty, they also can work via the USB port (as well as the usual line in or out - never remember which one is which) without any driver downloads. And even though they're shown here next to a laptop, I'm not sure they're something I'd like to add to my travelling laptop bag...

LaCie Sound2PC Speakers

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Hawaii Chair

So we have a bit of a Friday Funny thing going at work, where someone normally sends a funny link or two out in the afternoon for everyone's enjoyment. Todays led to a couple of follow up links, the last (so far) being to this fantastic infomercial. I somehow thought that this thing could never really exist, but then in the related videos section, I saw Ellen had managed to get her hands on one to try out - prepare to be entertained...

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