Thursday, February 28, 2008

Microsoft lowered Vista requirements to help Intel sell incompatible chipsets

And we're all surprised, right?

Microsoft lowered Vista requirements to help Intel sell incompatible chipsets - Engadget

Newborn survives fall through train toilet


Newborn survives fall through train toilet -

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rob's Photos

When he's not flying down the side of a mountain on his board, Mr Younger sneaks out to take photos. He never did share any, until last night, when he sent out a link to some of his pictures. It was worth the wait.

Gallery Folder -

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ella is a Rock Star

And just to prove it, she needs shades to eat her breakfast on her birthday morning.

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I want this desk

Han Solo Desk - just pretend you're Jabba the Hut all day long (where is Princess Leia in the gold bikini and neck chain - now there's the perfect office accessory)

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blood Powered Tattoo/Phone Thing?

Cool but very scary concept. I'm guessing JB is already in the queue to get one, so he can realize his dream of the perfect gadget.

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Gazza's Mental

Not that we didn't already, but to be detained under the mental health act isn't your usual run of the mill get wasted and fall over incident. I just hope Britney takes heed, and stays away from Newcastle

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Gazza held after hotel incident

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liberate Your Media

Or, in simple terms, get the DRM out of your iTunes purchased music, and share everything with all your friends.

I'm guessing it'll be about 20 minutes before the lawyers from Apple come knocking, so download it quick....

doubleTwist | Home Page

The Biggest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy

This is kinda scary

Exclusive: The Biggest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rumor: BBC to distribute shows via iTunes - TV Squad

Please, please, please, please (with a cherry on top)

Rumor: BBC to distribute shows via iTunes - TV Squad

Small Car Heaven - Fiat Abarth 500

I've been waiting for the official announcement of this little pocket rocket for a long time, and now it's finally here!

Not super quick, but super cute and super small, and the upgrade to the body and wheels looks cool. Now, if only they'd start shipping them over here, I'd be able to buy one.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tumblr Promo Feed

So I started messing around with this Tumblr thing a while agoLink coz I've been following Fred's blog for ages, and he mentioned it. Then Lindsay got into it, and Nick got hyperactive.

I still haven't worked out how to use it all yet (can't get my bloody Twitter feed to work for one), although Nick solved my comments issue (but I've held off). One thing I kinda thought was that they were a bit plain - sort of the point I guess - keep everything simple and stuff, and then, through Fred mentioning he was in a song circle thing with Lindsay and a few others, the few others included Rach's site. This actually made me say wow out loud. I'm going to play now - I've been inspired to make my tumblr look prettier.


Friday, February 15, 2008


1978 Lancia Beta HPE

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Porsche Panamera Stars in Suspiciously Convenient Spy Video

Hmm, pretty long for a spy video, but it appears (as if proof was needed) that Porsche has real difficulty in designing a car that isn't two door that actually looks good....

Geneva Motor Show: Porsche Panamera Stars in Suspiciously Convenient Spy Video

Blow Up Hot Tub

Could this be the answer to the Hot Tub addicted Mr Penn's problems? Throw it in the back of the car, and where ever you are (and provided you can find some water, and I presume electricity) you can blow up your very own hot tub.

Alternatively, you can just use it as a cheap skate way to get one in your back yard. Just avoid the pointy sticks when you're deciding where it's going to go.

Link is here if you want to buy one


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catch Up Post

Apparently I have a never ending list of stuff to post on here, and despite the frantic typing of the last hour, there's no way I'd get through it all. So, here's a list of links to keep you entertained, if you so wish. This message comes with no warranty, implied or otherwise, so you're out of luck if the clicks are of the non-satisfying variety....

A fashion phone that actually looks like it's worth a try

The worst car accessory ever (apart from the furry dice, obviously)

More Sony Ericsson phones that promise to take decent pics

(Especially for those in England who live in fear of an iPod mugging), the best deterrent available
My next home theater system (in my dreams, obviously)

The only way I'll ever own a DB6

Greasy hands? Here's your solution

If I ever see you with one of these, we're fighting immediately

If you think you need this, maybe you need to re-evaluate your life (or job)

The best USB toy I've seen so far (and it reacts to your typing)


Bathe in Cash

Who wouldn't want to lie in a bath of money, especially when the cost wasn't as bad as the real thing?


Wine Rack

The less I say about this the better, but it did make it onto Richard and Judy's show, so it has to be lijit.

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Portable Microwave Cube?

From the inventors of things you never knew you really needed comes the Cube Microwave. If you need your Hot Pockets where ever you travel, this thing is for you (but you still need to plug it in...

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Waggin' It

Boarding Today
Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
Or playing hookie, or truant, or whatever it's called these days, but I took a day off work for purely selfish reasons, to take advantage of the pounding that the mountains have had, and try out the new board.

It coincided with Heidi having a work thing up in Copper, so free lodging was provided, but it did mean driving up through a storm last night, which had me a little wired by the time I got here (and it definitely wasn't the large red bull I had on the way). For a change, the bit of I70 before the tunnel was actually worse than the backside (although that was bad as well). You know you're in a bit of difficulty when it's almost a whiteout, and your traction control light starts flashing away as you speed slowly decreases from 40 to 35, to 30..... Luckily I was close enough to the tunnel not to come to a complete stop, and the fishtailing was pretty easy to keep in check.

But, it was all worth it, as today the powder was fresh, the lines were non-existent, and the new board worked a charm. Of course, because this was my first day of the year (I did a couple of easy days before the holidays), the body wore out long before the snow did, although the wind did make for a couple of icy spots. So, after a couple of pretty impressive falls after lunch, I called it a day and hit the bar.

Back to work tomorrow afternoon, but I'll be smiling.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Sony Ericsson Phone

It even almost got named after our company (close enough if you've been drinking all day anyway). Lots of text details here, but just the briefest preview in video. It'll make you want one (maybe)

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Scampi Fries

I thought I was done with the posting for today, but then my cousin sent me this video, and couldn't resist. It's not in the least bit tactful, and I'm guessing is a YouTube only ad - I can't see it being shown on TV. So, you might not like it - you've been warned.

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Modular Phone - The Answer to all of our Prayers?

Sometimes phone carriers in the US just don't get what people really need (or they do, but they want some extra cash so ignore people) - a phone that works is obviously the number one thing, and then for me personally, I want to be able to have a couple of different phones for different things. Completely lost without email access on the road, I couldn't give up the full keyboard BlackJack II I now carry around, but when it comes to the weekend, and going out on the lash, I really would just like a little phone that slips inconspicuously in my pocket. I used to have a setup like that, with a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone for the weekends, but that gave up the ghost when I was back in England for Christmas.

So, the fact that a company is bringing out a modular phone (called modu), with a core piece nice and tiny that makes the calls, and then being able to bolt on different bits as needed, sounds pretty cool. Normally you'd just blow something off like this, but the guy who runs this company invented the usb memory stick, and sold his last company for almost $2 billion - which means he's probably quite smart, and has lots of money. So, here's hoping - DVICE sum up all the reviews so far if you want to check it out.

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What's been going on?

Not too much to be perfectly honest. It appears that a large percentage of the women of child bearing age in our company all got together and planned a synchronized pregnancy, we got to spend the whole day with Holly and Meaghan yesterday, followed by dinner at North with the usual suspects, and we've been on a bit of a shopping blowout for the new year - I got my first new snowboard since I got here in 1997, and we ordered Heidi's new car - delivery won't be for a couple of months though (on the car, the snowboard is in my possession). I might even try and take a day off work next week to rendezvous with the wife in the mountains to see if I can actually snowboard on something that isn't going to restrict my speed to 5 miles an hour. Accidents are expected.....

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Justin's Truck?

I doubt it, but this is definitely more than a dick in a box.

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Monsters, Inc

Too cute not to post


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Gladiator Rejects

This needs no words.....

American Gladiator Rejects - Watch more free videos

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What? No Posts?

I could list the usual excuses, but I'll leave that for another time. At least it's not me on the road this week(unless you call a day trip up to Fort Collins to grill some Uni students as to why they want a real job as being on the road), so I'm thankful for some things.

I think the most notable thing this week has to be the resurgence of Nixta - it appears the ease of use of Tumblr has sent him into a posting frenzy, which more than makes up for my lack of posts, so check it out. He's bound to slow down, get pissed off or lazy soon, so you better be quick ;-)

Also in the news this week was the emergence from "stealth mode" of Mr Batty's latest creation - initial demos got very positive reviews, so I'm waiting for my Alpha or Beta testing status to be confirmed (I begged, but wasn't promised a thing). Unfortunately, being on my own this week meant I had to stay home Tuesday night, so I missed the whole thing, so sorry Pete. It even won the exit poll (see, you just can't get away from election fever over here).

And Happy Birthday Ella (although technically it's tomorrow, the 7 hours difference make this perfectly on time). I'll give you a call later on! 8-)

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