Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Blogger Outages (I have an excuse)

Sort of anyway - there have been a few times in the last couple of weeks that Blogger has been down. I had weird things happening with uploading photos, no access at all, or access but no posting success. I was worried I had screwed up my config when I migrated from sharing aaronandheidi.com to a pure versions of aaronsdayoff.com to help with searching and linking and clicking and all that nice stuff that doesn't quite pan out as well as it should when you're masking websites.

So, the immediate problems are fixed, the boys and girls at Google are working hard to improve everything, and one day, when you're really lucky, the beta blogger site will go live with ftp publishing, and I can start using all of their fancy new stuff in our happy little world.

Blogger Buzz: The Blogger Outages (a novel)

Wired Acquires Reddit

Reddit was featured on this site a couple of weeks (or was that months) ago (which I hope means everyone is reading it). Turns out, someone with cash over at Conde Nast/Wired was reading too, liked the site, and went out and bought it. The boys from Boston are winging their way over to the West Coast (San Fran to be specific) as part of the deal, songrats and good luck.

Word on the street is that the site will remain standalone, so fingers crossed.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Breaking News: Condé Nast/Wired Acquires Reddit

Colorado Laws Get Crazier

After the passport is not good enough to get a driving license story we now have a new ruling that states that the smoking law that came into effect in July also means that actors on-stage can't pretend to smoke with a real cigarette. They can pretend with a fake cigarette, but using the real thing as a prop (unlighted I might add) is somehow in breach of the law.

I'm hoping for a wholesale change on the political front in the next week or two might help to bring some sanity back to the state. This is just getting ridiculous.

TheDenverChannel.com - News - Pretending To Smoke Is Illegal Under State Smoking Ban

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Reese and Ryan Show Ends

I think I might be going soft in my old age, but here's another marraige that I always thought had a shot at actually making it (I know, Jessica wasn't clever enough to keep Nick around).

Looks like I was wrong again - of course, my theory was purely based on seeing her on Letterman a couple of times, and the fact that they kept popping out the kids, and avoiding the Hollywood excess of other so called couples.

Back to the drawing board now to decide on the next "who shall make their famous marriage last" candidates. I guess there's always Warren and Annette, but I think that's probably just coz Warren is too old to go chasing after women like he used to (and I have a sneaky suspicion that he may get a little leeway from his partner if he does wander off the track every now and again).

Witherspoon and Phillippe split - CNN.com

Cars, bollards, don't mix well.

I'm pretty sure this is in England, but not 100%. Doesn't really matter I guess - it's still funny to watch.

Passport Not Good Enough To Get Driving License

Welcome to a world (or maybe it's just the state I live in) where a passport (you know, the thing that gets you from country to country) isn't a good enough form of identification to get you a Colorado driving license (you know, the thing that allows you to get in your car and drive to work). Pretty ridiculous if you ask me - I mean - what happens if they stop accepting Passports at airports coz they're not good enough?

TheDenverChannel.com - News - Passport Not Good Enough ID To Get Colorado License

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yahoo Bookmarks

Just like Del.i.cious (or however you're meant to type that site), except with a much better user interface. I haven't set this up yet, but rumor is that it's pretty easy and nice and useful. Might have something to do with the fact that Yahoo purchased the previously mentioned (and mis-typed) s.i.t.e. around the same time Flickr was brought into the fold.

Oh yeah, site is here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Family Guy Funnies

I'm not sure these are the 10 best clips ever, but I guess someone thinks so. They are funny though.

Streaming TV - TVU Player

Now I'm definitely not advocating anything illegal, but I'm sure this is at the very least slightly "gray". This site lets you download a player, and they somehow stream TV from the likes of HBO etc. Apparently, this site was broadcasting the World Cup when it was on - how come no-one told me? Here's hoping it stays around long enough to show the Euro 2008 championships, but I'm not holding my breath. It is Chinese though, and so I'm not sure exactly how an American company will be able to sue a company over there, without some sort of government intervention. And the government has a few other things to worry about (including of course, never using the phrase "Staying the course" again).

Tomkat set a wedding date

It looks like Tom Cruise is finally going to make an honest woman out of Katie Holmes (or Katie Cruise, or Katie Holmes Cruise or whatever her name will be). Well, honest in the sense of them being married, rather than honest in the fact that she'll confess all of the scientology secrets she's been forced to learn and experience over the last year(s). I wonder if the baby will be at the wedding, and whether or not the press will be invited (I see a Hello exclusive on the horizon, or a helicopter interruption moment at the very least...)

Spokesman: Cruise-Holmes wedding set - CNN.com

New Apple MacBook Pro arrives

Apple today officially released the new MacBook Pro, with Core 2 Duo processors. Apparently thirty something % quicker, and the same price. Some other improvements also included is higher RAM and Hardrive capacity options, and the announcement of the magsafe powercord for the airline power supplies.

Still waiting for the red releases of the iMac or one of these puppies though, before I make any purchase (unless we can start getting Mac work computers, in which case I'll take the 17inch with as much memory as is in my budget, and a copy of Parallels please.

Official link is here for the new computers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Pumpkin (or Turnip if you're in England) Carving

A great site to get some practise on your designs, prior to making the first incision. Thanks to my beautiful wife for the link.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Stephen Hawking Cheats on Wife, Files for Divorce

Apart from the obvious "how could he possibly be able to do that?", there's also the why would girls be interested (apart from the money and publicity I guess).

SuicideGirls > News > Celeb > Stephen Hawking and Wife Headed for Divorce

Friday, October 20, 2006

Where have you been?

There's a neat little site here that lets you tick boxes for the countries you've been, and it will create the map shown below (and thanks to Mr Batty's Flickr profile that I found this).

I used to think I had been to a load of places, but looking at this, there's so much travel to go. I'm guessing out of everyone I know, Phil will probably have the most red - I need to start saving again so we can color some more of those big blocks in (China and Russia might be a good place to start).

create your own visited countries map

George is Gay!

Nope, not Mr Wallace, although the question has been asked a couple of times ;-)

TR Knight, the guy who plays Gerorge O'Malley on Greys Anatomy (probably our favorite show on TV, so if you're in the UK and haven't watched it yet, start now, it's worth it), came out yesterday and confirmed the unconfirmed reports and rumors that he does in fact prefer boys to girls.

No wonder Meridith didn't fall in love with him - girls can sense these things....

CNN - Greys Star is Gay

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cost of War

Just in case you were wondering how much the war cost the US, and what else the money could have been spent on, hit this site. It's scary stuff. I do notice that they're not jumping on the Burger King bandwagon and telling us how many bacon cheeseburgers you can get (at least I think it's them who does that advert - tried to find it on the site, but it's possibly the most annoying site I've ever been to, so gave up on that - when will "Designers" realize a whole bunch of flash jumping everywhere isn't what constitutes a well designed website?).

Cost of War - National Priorities Project

Neiman Marcus M6 - all gone after 92 seconds

Every year, just in time for Christmas, Neiman Marcus (one of the posh department stores over here in the states, and incidently, one place that actually sells Paul Smith shirts, so I have to stay away to prevent bankruptcy) pimps out a car with some special paint and features, whacks on a few extra grand, and sells them to the (rich) public.

This year is was the turn of the M6, with special black paint, piano black interior, and some special order leather from the BMW Individual line. They weren't cheap ($139k I think), but all 150 of them (or maybe a 100) sold in 92 seconds! Can you believe that. Do people wait around for these things to get announced, and hold off on an earlier purchase? My guess is no - they were all bought by people with lots of cash, who pretty much can buy whatever they want, when they want. Which reminds me, I need to check my lottery tickets from last night, to see if we can join that list....

Real World Denver - we're almost there

It looks like the start of Real World Denver has been set for November 22nd, which I guess probably means the filming has stopped (or is close to it), and the fame hungry members of the group have all left town.

From what I can remember, it seems like there was only one arrest incident, and I can't remember hearing much else about it. I never saw them filming (but having said that, the number of times I've been downtown drinking in the last 6 months could probably be counted on one hand).

One of the best bits of the show (that I like anyway) is always finding out what the condo looks like. There've been some pretty spectacular ones in the past, so if you fancy a sneak peek, hit the link below to the slideshow of what it looks like. I must say I was a little disappointed in this one. I understand why they did it (free Denver/Colorado publicity, so promote the outdoor living experience at all costs), but having a Jeep and a ski lift inside the house? A little over the top if you ask me....

Update - the property is for sale if you have $3.3 million dollars for sale - maybe it would go nice with that new M6 you just bought?

Pictures of the Denver Real World Condo

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Failed IT Project?

Not specific, and not even sure if it really does relate to the project that was hatched in the UK with a small helping hand in Denver, but Nixta was the one who pointed it out, so there's a small (or large, depending on his mood) chance it was. The particulary chilling line at the end certainly got my attention..

Our correspondent added that industry experts say it is inevitable some farmers will go bankrupt as a result.
Now will we get a confession from another responsible party? I can honestly claim that I only ever had a few informal conversations with the UK team when they were selling the project in the first place, and gave my blessing to the original project plan. I didn't actually do any real work on it. My conscience is clear.

BBC NEWS | UK | Mistakes 'cost UK farmers £22.5m'

Strangest Name for a Festival

I vote for this one - if you know of any stranger, post it in the comments..

NBC5.com - News - Turkey Testicle Festival To Keep Its Name

For the (sad) comic book reader

This site is for you - browse hundreds of comic covers, if you really want to do that sort of thing.

Cover Browser

Starsailor on The Late Late Show

Not only is Craig Ferguson particularly brilliant, he also has Starsailor on as his musical guest tonight - how can you not watch that (or more likely TiVo it, coz it's a little late for a schoolnight, for me anyway).

In case you've never seen the show, here's a little taster (as long as you're name isn't Neil Kirkwood and you're confined to French offices with a way too strict firewall...)

CBS | Late Late Show

Real Life Models Get Makeovers

Just in case you never realized, the pictures in magazines of models have been touched up just a little. Dove has launched it's campaign for real beauty in the UK, targetting the fact that even models don't look like models in real life, so don't stress about how you look.

They've got their website here, which shows a pretty cool film of the difference between how a model looks when she comes in for her shoot, to when she's posted on the billboard.

Scary Spice Pregnant With Eddie Murphy's Baby - TMZ.com

Can this be true? What happened to all those rumors he was gay? Or is this the start of the "Scary Spice is really a boy" rumors?

Scary Spice Pregnant With Eddie Murphy's Baby - TMZ.com

TVR moving production abroad

In more sad news for the British Car industry, it looks like TVR is closing down it's Blackpool operations and moving everything to another country. No word on which one yet, but no doubt somewhere with cheaper workers and less unions.

I'm not sure how people never saw this coming once the sale to the Russian guy was made - successful British car companies are few and far between these days (come on Noble and Caterham). Even the tried and tested Land/Range Rover, Jag and Rolls Royce's of this world are owned by someone else.

One hope (being completely selfish for a minute) is that if they're going to save enough money by moving away, it might mean they can afford to get through all those US crash tests etc to start importing cars over here. The only one I've ever seen on these shores was in Swordfish, and being driven by John Travolta....

BBC NEWS | Business | TVR to move car production abroad

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Death By GPS

It's not a nice way to go. I wonder if this is a common testing practise for the guys over at Gizmodo?

Borat on Night of Too Many Stars

If I keep promoting the film, do you think I'll get a free ticket? Actually, I don't care if I do or not, I'll be making the DVD purchase on advance order on Amazon as soon as I can.

Tyson wants to fight women

It gets ever more surreal in the world of Mike Tyson. Too old and slow for any real fights, he's set off on a "World Tour", fighting random people that turn up it looks like. Making sure he got enough press coverage for his latest attempt to make a little cash, he came out and stated that he wanted to fight some women while he was on tour. He even named a professional women boxer, Anne Wolfe, who he said would put up a good fight. I know his fighting skills aren't exactly what they used to be (how's that for understatement), but the thought of seeing him run around hitting girls (or members of the general public for that matter) isn't really my thing. Now if they put him in the ring with Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz, that might be a little more entertaining....

SI.com - More Sports - Tyson wants to fight women on 'World Tour' - Monday October 16, 2006 8:21PM

Avs see sellout streak get away

Big news here in Denver this morning (apart from the impending snow storm which has me worried as my snow tires aren't in stock yet) is that the Avs sellout streak, the longest in Hockey, ended last night at the grand total of 487 games. Slightly related was the shock I got on Sunday when watching Newcastle on tv, with an attendance noted around 48,000 people, instead of the usual 52 or 53k.

Given how many top quality players have left the ranks of the Avs in the last few seasons (think Forsberg, Blake, Foote, Tanguay etc etc), it's hardly surprising that the results haven't been up to what the public expects. We were actually at the game last night, where we managed to get off to the spectacular start, falling 3-0 behind, before rallying back to 3-3 and then letting it slip again. I realize that the team got hit pretty hard with the salary cap, but last night it looked like there was a lot of sloppy passing, and we're definitely not strong enough on defence to mount a reasonable challenge this year. I guess the one saving grace is that it appears we have a little space to get some extra players in, but whether we will or not is a different matter.

Anyway, it was nice to see them live again, even after the loss, so thanks to my fantastic wife for the tix.

DenverPost.com - Avs see sellout streak get away

Monday, October 16, 2006

Suprise - Prisoner Abuse at Gitmo

But if we all don't talk about it, it might magically disappear.

BREITBART.COM - 2 Ordered Not to Discuss Gitmo Claims

Wil Bites Back - Don't write stupid Articles about Macs

So a guy called Larry Bodine wrote an article explaining to the world why his Mac experience wasn't the best, and how he is ditching it for something more PC based. Not much of a big deal really, given people swap all the time (more recently going the other way seems to be way more popular if you ask me, but then what would I know). What makes this one a little more interesting is that the guy sits on some random Technology Board, and advises people on future technology etc.

So, Wil Shipley (the guy who wrote my most favorite piece of software in the whole world) decides to comment on the original post, to work out what is so wrong with Apple that requires someone to ditch an almost brand new computer and "go back" to the PC world.

Turns out that our Larry isn't really as technically savvy as he should be if he's advising companies on his technology. There's so many things he says in his article that are just plain incorrect, as well as being completely informed that I'd be embarrased to publish anything like this on the web (although having said that, I'm sure that there are 5 million or so things wrong on this site, but at least one of the benefits of not many people reading it, or ever posting comments to it is that I can live in ignorant bliss for a long time yet).

So, in summary, we love Mac, we think Wil not only designs and writes some fantastic software, but he has a future in the comedy/on-line write stuff world (this isn't the first classic he's ever posted), and Larry is too dumb to realize when he's being dumb. His email (Larry's) is lbodine@lawmarketing.com if you feel like dropping him a line.

Call Me Fishmeal.: Flame: My birthday present to me

Change Lanes, Avoid Speeding Ticket

I'm guessing this has already made the rounds back home, but just in case, if you change lanes halfway through the process of being photographed, the camera screws up and can't dish out a ticket. I'm guessing that this will soon put a stop to the "for road safety" reasoning behind the cameras, as everyone suddenly starts randomly changing lanes when they come up to these on the Motorway. So, will the government fess up to the fact it's just to get more money, or just ignore the whole thing?

UK drivers change lanes to outsmart SPECS speeding cameras - Engadget

Friday, October 13, 2006

Borat is Coming

Possibly the funniest movie ever made? Maybe, but as I haven't seen it yet, I'll hold off on the comments.

Entertainment Weekly does a pretty good job of an in depth article (link below) on the character, making of the film, people who might be insulted etc.

One thing I didn't realize was that he is engaged to Isla Fisher, of Home and Away fame (if you're Aussie or English), or Wedding Crashers (if you're not).

One thing is for certain though - if the film is anywhere near as good as the trailers I've seen, or the bits in Da Ali G Show, it's going to be a classic. I'm almost tempted to remove my no going to the movies/theater/pictures rule to see it early...

Entertainment Weekly's EW.com | Interview: ''Borat'': Funniest movie ever...or the most offensive?

Fast Car Friday

What do you get if you put an M5, M3 CSL, Lambo Gallardo and GT-R onto a track to have some fun. Watch and find out...

Slideshare - Share your slideshows Online

Ever need to share out a presentation, without going through the virtual meeting hassle, or post a deck to a blog for other people's perusal? Then Slideshare is your thing.

I might even try it out, if I can be bothered to put together a slide show of any interest to the general population (rather than the work based stuff I spend way too much time on). Don't hold your breath though - it's nearly the weekend, and I have plans... ;-)


The worst technologies in Q3 2006

Courtesy of CNet, we have the worst technologies of Q3. Obviously the exploding batteries make an appearance (mine has been safe and free from explosions so far...), along with Amazon's UnBox video solution (which I thought might be great, but turned into signing the rights of your computer away, and having crappy software loaded for all time).

One slightly unexpected inclusion was the iTunes 7 upgrade. I know I read a few people were having some issues, but it was upgraded pretty quickly to 7.1, and I'm biased.

Images: The worst technologies in Q3 2006 | CNET News.com

Ski Resorts Opening This Weekend!

A-Basin finally made it as the first resort to open, beating Loveland by the small (but in their mind important) length of one day.

Is it just me, or does it seem like a little on the early side, even for these guys? I haven't even managed to psych myself up with reasons and excuses for not going up there. (Well, snow tires haven't arrived yet so I do have one excuse - and it might be a little tight this year coz I'm looking at a 3 week delay, so here's hoping there's no snow in Denver before then, otherwise I'm looked in the house like an aggrophobic).

DenverPost.com - A-Basin wins opening contest

Red iPod - Buy one, help save the world

OK, so slight overexaggeration (sp? - it's still early here), but $10 of your purchase price (which happens to be exactly the same as the other colors) goes to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. How's that for a bargain?

Thinking back, I have a feeling this Red thing might be partly the work of the famous bug eyed sunglasses wearer from U2, Mr Bono. I know back in the UK you could get a Razr in Red when I was there last, so guess we're in catchup mode again.

Checking out the website here, it looks like Mr Armani is joining the party, along with Gap, Converse (aren't they owned by Nike or something now?), AMEX, and Motorola.

If I wasn't holding out for a real video iPod in the not too distant future, you'd see me running down to the store to get mine today.

Apple - iPod nano - (PRODUCT) Red™

John Forsythe, former Dynasty star treated for cancer

John Forsythe, the former star of Dynasty (compulsive viewing in our house when I was a little kid) was diagnosed with cancer last month, and is undergoing treatment in an LA hospital.

Blake Carrington also apparently did the voice of Charlie in the TV series (and the films actually, now that I looked into it) of Charlies Angels. I'm guessing the search is on for a new Charlie voice if they ever decide to ressurect the film version again (but after the last one, I'm hoping not...)

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Dynasty star treated for cancer

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fight Night - Grey's Anatomy Special

Rumours of a fight on set between Dr Burke and McDreamy emerged today - agents are playing it down of course, but I wonder who won? And what would they be fighting over? Is the Chief retiring, and they're fighting over his job?

'Grey's' stars reportedly scuffle on set - CNN.com

How to carve a 3D Pumpkin

How cool does this look? Follow the link if you want to stand out in your neighbourhood pumpkin competition.

Being completely without any artistic talent, I'm pretty sure mine won't turn out quite like this, but I guess we might see soon enough...

Gallery / Toys and Collectibles - Villafane Studios Artist Ray Villafane

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life in Large Company Reeceptions...

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Meeting Bill Gates:

Visitor: Where is Bill Gates's office?
Receptionist: I'm not at liberty to divulge that information.
Visitor: I need to see him, I just downloaded Windows Vista and I have a number of complaints.

Avery hits the big 7/12 of a whole year

And has the hairstle to prove it. Extra photos here...

For some reason, Blogger is doing something weird with the photos this week 8-( Sorry, but you'll have to click through for now.

Website Has Readers, Aaron Falls from Chair

So I randomly check out the Google Analytics site I mentioned a few weeks ago, just to make sure Mother is still logging on (and the few others who occasionally visit - thanks by the way). I thought something was a little on the screwy side with their initial graph display, as it looked like it had lost the entries for the last few days on number of visitors, but yesterday was still working. Looking harder, it turns out that the data for the other days was still merrily sitting there and being displayed, but the increase in visitors for yesterday was just vastly bigger (think instead of my normal 12 or 13 visitors, it looks like there was over 250!!). Hence the falling off the chair (sorry, no pics, I was alone at the time, and the bruise isn't going to be anywhere you want to look).

My usual confident self obviously decided that there was some mistake with the system, but after a little digging around, it turns out a nice person over at this site linked into one of my posts, and handily directed over the new viewers. I have no idea who this person is, but thanks anyway! I had no idea one link from one site could make so much difference.

Monday, October 09, 2006

New Nissan Skyline - Spyshots

Courtesy of Car Connection come some real life spy shots of the next Nissan Skyline. Apparently it's been out stretching it's legs around a certain stretch of road in Germany.

Car Connection Nissan Spyshots

Google buys YouTube

Just in case you hadn't heard.......

Cnet has about 15 different stories covering the deal, so feast on that. (But why is no one really talking about the fact that Google failed at something, and had to resort to buying a smaller company at a grossly inflated price?).

Google's video play | CNET News.com

Former Rapids coach dead at 51

A former Colorado Rapids coach (the local footie team over here) lost one of it's former coaches today. Glenn "Mooch" Myernick died at only 51, after suffering a heart attack over the weekend jogging.

DenverPost.com - Former Rapids coach dead at 51

Friday, October 06, 2006

Australian Logic? Outback driver caught in reverse

It's a long way from Kalgoorlie to anywhere, but once his gearbox had cooked, this guy decided to push on regardless - in reverse gear.....

BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Outback driver caught in reverse

Google Buying YouTube?

That's the word (or unproven rumor) on the street today...

Original link from Techcrunch who started the whole thing off (maybe), but it's also being reported in the Wall Street Journal and CNN, so it might just be true. All parties are obviously issuing no comments to everyone who asks.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Completely Unsubstantiated Google/YouTube Rumor

Surfing championship falls flat in Tynemouth

In case anyone didn't know, you can surf in Tynemouth, up on the North East coast of England. It's never what you would call warm (and bloody freezing is a more apt description in the middle of January). Waves are pretty variable, but on it's day it could rival some of the best spots in the country. Big Sunday, back around 1988/89 springs to mind, when we had solid 8 to 10 ft waves running the whole length of the beach. Paddling out was pretty hard, but I made it - think I only caught a couple of waves that day though - it was pretty scary.

Anyway, the last few years have seen a few more competitions move up to the North East Coast, the biggest being the British Surfing Championships. It was meant to be held this weekend, but looks like it's been called off as the waves aren't going to appear.

Pictured in the photo is Sam Lamiroy, a kid I used to surf with when I was a youngster. Haven't seen him in about 12 or 13 years I don't think, and he was a decent few years younger than me, which would probably make him about 30 now. Anyway, he was always pretty decent, but guess now he's really good if he got his picture up on the BBC Web site.

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Surfing championship falls flat

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Actor Tom Bell Dies

If you've ever been lucky enough to catch any of the first few Prime Suspect dramas, you'll have seen this guy (or The Krays - the movie that still makes me wince when I think of some of the violence in there). Unfortunately, he's dead now - apparently a illness, and that's it.

Ferrari Day

Here'a another one. Never open up YouTube in your lunch break at work - that's my tip for the day.

One other thing - check this link out - French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris.

Not Enough Pictures

happy halloween, concubines
Originally uploaded by zoltron.
Too many car things - that was a comment I got yesterday. So here's a pick for the complainer(s)

Ferrari vs Viper - Ooops

Sorry for the dodgy commentary, but it's worth getting past that. Everything was going so well until that corner got in the way....

Gears of War Review

So now that a few in (and out) of the office have the Xbox360 up and running, the talk of games has increased 10 fold (as has my purchase of games). Next big release appears to be Gears of War, and I was subjected to a quick video of the gameplay last night by XTonks360 before I was allowed to leave the office. It looks pretty impressive, and a lot of fun - the release date is rapidly approaching, and someone has a hands on review of playing the first 3 levels. He doesn't seem like he's 100% convinced, but I'm sure there'll be more info and reviews in the coming weeks.

Now can someone tell me if it's worth buying Call of Duty 2 for 40 bucks, or wait until Call of Duty 3 comes out in a couple of weeks for 60 bucks?

Site Name Mistakes

A decent Top 16 (??) list of websites that were named after sensible companies, but the lack of spaces and punctuation through in a whole new level of interpretation.

Personal favorite of the bunch (coz it's sort of work related I guess) is the Italian Power Generation Company, with the aptly named website - www.powergenitalia.com

Programming Designs Forums / Www.ackiest sites on the net

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alfa 8c (again)

In motion, on real roads. But the question is, where would the front plate go??

Fox Stoops to New Low?

Not sure if this is real or not, but word on the street (or virtual street anyway) is that Fox are subliminely trying to deflect the latest scandal of Senator Foley and his little boy fetish by showing him as a Democrat.

Plane Lands on Our House (nearly)

It was close enough to be a little scary, but luckily the pilot was safe, and he was the only one in the plane. Centennial airport is a couple of miles away from our house, but he missed that somehow, and from the news report I caught last night, he ended up in the car park of some office complex off Arapahoe Road. The plane looked a little banged up, but still in one piece, and there were no passers by involved.

TheDenverChannel.com - News - Small Plane Crashes Near Centennial Airport

Bejewelled on your site

Hopefully anyway, if this works the way I think it might. And Heidi, this is especially for you xx

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Man Disagrees with Cheney Policy, Get's Arrested

Here's some local news for you - a man has issued a lawsuit against the Secret Service after he was arrested for telling Dick Cheney "I think your policies in Iraq are reprehensible". Hows that for the land of the free?

Rocky Mountain News: Local


This could be the most exciting toy of the year. A wind thing for your back to help with that annoying peddling thing you have to do on a bike...


Monday, October 02, 2006

HP to Buy Voodoo

Following on from Alienware's purchase by Dell (sort of anyway), HP announced they were buying Voodoo. They make "swoon worthy" high end PC's if you didn't know.

Not much interesting there, but if you read the post by the owner, and why he made the decision to go with HP, it's at least a little more interesting...

Rahul Sood's Weblog

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Crank Calls

It looks like the crank callers are all getting in on the act over at YouTube.

Here's the one that made me almost choke I was laughing so hard - I would have posted this up here, but I'm protecting my parents ;-) (Hi Mam and Dad).

Singer Chokes on Microphone

Crap quality for a video, but just a reminder that if you're a dodgy 80's wedding singer, keep the microphone stand away from the dancefloor - the consequences could be nasty....

Neils Birthday Party

Originally uploaded by Neil Stone.
We failed to attend (valid and not fun reason), so here's Mr Stone's own photos. Glad to see he wasn't in charge of the camera...