Thursday, August 31, 2006

UPDATED - CNN presenter broadcasts live bathroom break conversation

You've got to love these stories - TV presenters forgetting about the microphone being on, and broadcasting to millions live about things they really didn't want the world to know about.

At least all the stuff about her husband was good, but I'd hate to be her for the next family gathering, and she has to explain to her sister-in-law that she really didn't mean anything by the whole control freak thing....

If anyone can find this on Google or YouTube, please post the link in the comments. Cheers.

BBC NEWS | World | Americas | CNN says sorry for live mic gaffe

UPDATE - I managed to find the link, so here you go if you missed it.....

Someone Stands Up To Rumsfield

And then George responds in typical fashion.....

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buy the Funky Lightbulbs

Save the world, one lightbulb at a time. How's that for a great idea. I'll be coming over the check you're in on the plan next week - you have been warned.

10 Reasons Why Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) Will Change the World @ Alice Hill’s Real Tech News - Independent Tech

Be Sad - Wear a Hipster

So sad, that I'm not even going to link to where you can buy one. And don't you think that to make this product even slightly more appealing, they could have used a different model?

Morrisons carrier bags are the only way to go - everyone knows that....

IKEA photo has "unfotunate" image

So IKEA released their new catalog, and the first photo (a full two page spread I might add) has what looks like an unfortunate "item" (can you tell my mother sometimes reads this site? Hi Mam!) attached to the dog. IKEA insist that the photo hasn't been tampered with, and the offending appendage is in fact the dogs leg, and not a male specific piece of anatomy.

In the interests of good taste (I know, I know, it's rare for me), I'll save the photo for when you click the link to the story below. | 'Unfortunate' photo wasn't tampered with: IKEA

Alfa Romeo 8c Spider Video

So here it is, the much anticipated first look (almost in the flesh) of the gorgeous new Alfa Romeo 8c Spider. It's better than I expected, and I was expecting a lot. I can't imagine how I will not be tempted into putting down a deposit on one of these things if/when they eventually make it to the USA. I better start practising though, coz a 2 seater sportscar isn't in the budget for me for a long time yet.

Jessica Simpson loses voice, starts rumors

So, Jessica Simpson had a whole host of appearances scheduled for this week to promote her new album (and here's hoping the album is better than that first song she pulled from it - Public Affair is awful if you ask me), but has had to cancel due to a throat infection or something.

No big deal in that, except that John Mayer has also lost his voice, which leads us to the rumours. From what I can tell, based purely on the fact that two singers have throat problems at the same time, US Weekly is running a story that the two are a couple now (presumably the "they caught it from each other snogging" is the premise here).

I'm sure if it's true, the story will run and run - maybe the fact that he has to put up with the dumb comments explains why Mr Mayer always looks like he's in serious pain when he sings?

Over a Million Flickr Photos Geotagged in 24 Hours

A quick follow on the yesterdays post about geotagging in Flickr - it appears that it has taken the world by storm, with 1.2 million photos being placed on the map in the last 24 hours. Hows that for proof that you've got something pretty hot on your hands in terms of new functionality.

I'm really hoping that this (and all the other great functionality Flickr has) will be the tipping point for some of the people holding out on using this site, in favor of something much less convenient (you know who you are....). I hadn't actually realized how big this site was until I read the following info on Techcrunch

Flickr continues to rock along, with 4.5 million registered users and 17 million unique visitors per month. They have just under 230 million total photos uploaded and 900,000 new photos are uploaded daily on average

17 million unique visitors a month? I'd be happy with 170!!

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » 1.2 million Flickr Photos Geotagged in 24 Hours

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Free Music - Try SpiralFrog

Making a big splash in the financial news today was the announcement of a free music site called SpiralFrog (I hope they didn't pay someone to come up with that name...). So of course, I went to the site, and it's not even open yet - what's the deal with that - maybe just a way to piss you off so they can handle the reduced visitor numbers when it finally does go live?

Anyway, as long as I don't have to sign my life away, I might give it a blast, and see what it's like. Then again, I just read the release, and for some brainbusting reason, the music downloaded isn't compatible with an iPod - hows that for a way to keep your numbers down. I didn't think that anyone was left in the world without an iPod....

SpiralFrog inks music deal with Universal | CNET

NmG Electric Car from Myers Motors

Well, it's definitely interesting - not quite sure whether this all electric vehicle is actually a bike or a car, but it's got more than 2 wheels and a roof, so falls into the car category if you ask me.

Awaiting input from the wife (currently jetting her way to a work trip in Vegas) before I announce the results of the "is it cute?" question.

Flickr adds Geotagging

Looks like Flickr (my favorite photo site) has added geotagging (or being able to put your photos on a map so you can see where they were taken). I just had a quick play, and have tagged the photos from the Enspiria Baseball night to Coors Field - the link is here. Should be great for vacations - being able to see some real photos of where you're going instead of having to rely on the questionable photos in travel brochures.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Enspiria Inspires the Rockies

Originally uploaded by Neil Stone.
One win in the last 7 games - I'm sure it was our influence.

We were lucky enough to be treated to a night at the baseball by the company, the rain held off, and it looked like everyone had a blast.

My photos here, Neil's here.

Programmer Finally Testifies: U.S. Elections Rigged

Conspiracy theory stuff again - the programmer who wrote code to fix the general election testifies....

Programmer Finally Testifies: U.S. Elections Rigged

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tire Rings

Too late for my wedding (but Tonks, Neil and Lance, in plenty time for yours) come these "attractive" rings with tire prints on the outside. Never really been into jewellry much (apart from my wedding ring or watches, if you categorize them as such), so I doubt these will get added to my shopping list. If it's your thing, you can buy them here.

Comic sues Jews for Jesus

CNN gets the prize for the most misleading headline title so far this year. Reading it initially, I thought we were looking at another ridiculous lawsuit, where the comic was sueing Jews on behalf of Jesus (presumably coz of the crucifiction and all that).

It turns out however, that there is a group called Jews For Jesus, who apparently practice as Jews, but believe Jesus is the Messiah (sounds like a whole lot of contradictory issues there, but who am I to tell). They created a pamphlet that had the likeness of sueing comedian on them, and he wants it removed and the pamphlets destroyed. So, in reality, a crap story that I got dragged into by a misleading headline. Don't you just hate that? - Comic sues Jews for Jesus - Aug 25, 2006

Amazon aStore Testing

So, those kind folks over at Amazon have decided to let you create a whole store for use on your own site. It's still in beta at the minute, but thought I'd try it out just to see how it works out.

At some point, I might even get the colours and background etc to match, but if there's anythign specific you think I should list on there for sale, just let me know (but you can always use the search button on the page to find whatever you need).

Link is here - if it works properly, I'll add it to my permanent links somewhere sensible.

Nixta Starts Updating Again

So Nick goes through phases (sometimes long ones) of never updating anything on his site (although I must say recently it hasn't been as long as Mr Frostie Phil), and then, with the speed of a new fibre web connection, blasts the world with his brain contents (occasionally scary, always entertaining). In addition to that, he appears to have combined this with a new found Flickr fondness, so there's lots to enjoy.

Nixta's blog is here, and his photos are here. Comment to your hearts content...

And while you're there, don't forget to check out That's How It Happened, slightly related, but by association only (and kept much more up to date). The fixation on trainers is a little worrying though, but I guess Lauren will find it more entertaining than my fixation on cars....

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do Pop Up Poles Stop Terrorist Trucks?

You're just about to find out.....

YouTube Being Cranky

Sorry for the blank screens below if they're still there, and dodgy video playing, but it appears that all the recent press about YouTube seems to have broken their ability to stay up and functional on a regular basis.

New M3 Video (E90)

Someone stalked the M3 Test Team around some desert here in America to bring these photos direct to your door.

Up until now, I hadn't thought I'd like this car at all, and was waiting for the reviews to come in before deciding. But then I heard the engine noise.......

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Foreign Flags Banned in Colorado?

What happened to the land of the free etc etc. A teacher was suspended for putting up flags in his classroom from other countries, even though it was part of his lesson plan. And it's here in Colorado... - News - Teacher Suspended For Hanging Foreign Flags In Classroom

Lay People Off, Show them How to Save Money

Not sure how I missed this one, but Northwest laid of about 60 people earlier this month, and as part of the layoff package, included a list of 101 ways to save money.

At first hand, this sounds like something pretty practical, but then when you actually go down the list, it gets a little bit insulting. The one that apparently has had all the press (was I actually asleep when all of this came out), was item number 46 - "Don't be shy about pulling something you like out of the trash". #4 - Carpool, seems a little ironic, given they don't have a job anymore - where would they carpool too? The park?

MN Headhunter/Nerd Search: Northwest Airlines List Of 101 Ways To Save Money

Divided into Ethnic Groups for 'Survivor'

And off we go......

I'm sure this story will run for a while, but first cut is Survivor is basically dividing the contestants into 4 initial groups, based on their ethnicity (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic). The groups will merge later in the series, as is the norm, but I'm sure there'll be at least a bit of controversy over this.

Survivor says that it's a way to get more varied contestants, as 80% of the applications are from white people. Stay tuned to the pipes for all the latest.. - New 'Survivor' to group players by ethnicity - Aug 23, 2006

Caterham and The 'Ring - a match made in heaven

And we're lucky enough to see it here. There were a few reasons for this post - one, to try and persaude Mr Wallace to clean up his desk, as the last time I saw it, it really was disgusting. Actually, no, that wasn't it, but you really should George, otherwise I'm taking photos and shaming you to the world.

Sorry, sidetracked again. Reasons - Caterhams are amazing (and one day I will own one), to allow you to tell how accurate the 'Ring in Project Gotham Racing 2 or 3 is, the soundtrack and to see the number of cars/bikes that were passed along the way. Anyway, it obviously takes around 8 minutes to watch this, so make sure you've got time - it's worth it.

Link is here coz I can't get the vid to embed properly. Grrrr...

BAM!!! - Don Vito Charged

Bam Margera's Uncle (from MTV's Viva La Bam show) took a quick trip to Denver and ended up spending more time here than he originally intended.

The "actor" who from what I can remember has trouble trying to speak in any sort of recognized version of English has been charged with 2 counts of sexual assault on a child, following a promo at the Colorado Mills mall. There are rumours in Denver of a cell phone camera shot proving his guilt, but they haven't been published anywhere I can find (and probably won't I imagine).

Luckily for him, he has Kobe's old lawyer, so even if he's as guilty as sin (which of course has yet to be proved), he'll probably get off on some technicality anyway.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chocolate anyone?

So the latest phone from LG is called Chocolate on the adverts, but in real life has the usual selection of numbers and letters that I can't remember, and so won't write here.

Still haven't decided if I actually like this thing or not, but given it's only on Verizon over here, it's largely irrelevant until it moves to Cingular (unless we swap providers at the end of the year again, which I doubt will happen).

And next phone for me might have to be a smart phone type deal, especially given my current one could still be used for non-working time.

Top 5 Ways People Waste Money

So, sort of useful, but what got me was the fact that it's a top five list that goes up to 6, just coz the guy got his numbering wrong. Maybe he has an aversion to the number 5, but if so, why use it in the title?

Top 5 Ways People Waste Money | The Common Sense Investor

Blogging for big bucks (not me)

One of the articles in this months Business 2.0 (one of the must read business mags if you ask me for my personal opinion, which you didn't, but you're reading this so you sort of did) comments on how people are making millions from moving out of their regular little job world (or startup, or life as surfer or something). Although I know a few people are actually pulling in the big bucks, and there's always the chance that if you right a speciality blog you might get picked up by one of the agencies or media companies, I'm sure the majority of people who put out a few words here and there make either absolutely nothing, or pretty damn close to it (this site has been up for over a year now, and I'm still not up to 4 figures in revenue (and by 4 figures, I mean 10.00 dollars), although I have heard rumours we do have more than 4 readers now if I incude my mother).

I think this actually might be a good thing - if everyone suddenly got loaded from what they were writing, their point of view/perspective on what they were writing about might be a little different to when they first started out. I'm sure if Microsoft or someone started feeding me with free software, Zunes and Media PC's or something, I might tone down my "I Love Apple" occasionally if they asked. I know some of the techie gadget blogs have faced a little criticism from some people for getting freebies and previews of products to put out the good word.

We might also get another 500 million pointless websites with people posting for posting sake, rather than saying anything in particular, and who really needs to trawl through all those sites to find something worthwhile to read. I've still yet to come across anyone who said "The Internet, yeah. I read it once, but once you've been through it all, you kinda get bored". If anyone knows of this person, let me know and I'll see if I can drag an interview out of him - bet he knows loads about everything, and maybe even found out who really killed JR, sorry, I mean Kennedy...

And me personally? If I suddenly pulled in a couple of million for writing occasional ramblings on a web-site, do you think I'd still have time to write anything (especially with the Ferrari calling my name from the driveway??). I think not ;-)

Business 2.0: Blogging for big bucks - Aug. 22, 2006

Keane Star in Rehab - Concerts Cancelled

Originally uploaded by Neil Stone.
It looks like the Denver concert was perfectly timed - just before the lead singer Tom Chaplin ended up in rehab. They cancelled a couple of concerts and the September US continuation looks like it's going to be rescheduled.

I'm just glad Neil got his pics before they bailed.

No Tubing in Boulder Creek

Not because you might bang your head, but apparently because of the high level of bacteria they've found in there recently. Double jeopardy chances of hurthing yourself then....... - News - Tubers Asked To Stay Out Of Boulder Creek

Google Analytics is Free

For anyone with a website or two, an analytics tool helps work out who sees your pages of ranting and raving, where they live and whether or not they ever click on any of the adverts on the page (no is the answer if you're wondering about this page).

Anyway, Google bought some company a while back I think (although I can't remember the name), so they've got their own tool, it's tied into their AdSense stuff (the text ads on this page), and it's free. It's actually pretty interesting to see how people get to your page - either directly, searching on random things that you happen to mention, or from the Blogger pages etc. You also get a nice pretty map of the world, telling you where everyone is when they checked out your site - Mr Kirkwood, I presume it's you in France ;-) Now if I can only work out who in Brazil would want to check out the site, I could sleep a little easier at night. One day, I might post the map just to see if you can see you're own little dot on there, so stay tuned.

Google Analytics

Obafemi Martins in 10 million pound move

Maybe - the summer long search for Newcastle United seems to be almost over, with them agreeing a 10 million pound fee with Inter for the services of Martins. However, Sky Sports are apparently reporting a late bid from Portsmouth for his services, so we're not home and dried just yet. Fingers crossed all day now.

Newcastle started the season off well on Saturday with a win against Wigan - but given the number of injuries we ended up with by the end of the game, and the glut of games we have over the next few weeks (presuming we don't blow the UEFA game tomorrow), we're definitely in need of a few extra bodies.

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Newcastle United | Newcastle agree £10m Martins fee

Monday, August 21, 2006

Accrington Stanley Does It Again

This one isn't a milk advert - it's the real deal. Nottingham Forest beaten in the first round of the League Cup by a club previously remembered for similiar heroics in the FA Cup.

BBC SPORT | Football | League Cup | Accrington 1-0 Nottingham Forest

Porn broadcast stuns news viewers

It wasn't on the actual news, it was on one of the little screens in the background. Probably the most interesting thing about this is that it was in Sweden, and resulted in 0 (zero) complaints from viewers. Given Canal + (the channel that was broadcasting) is a standard staple of life over there, and shows porn after 10 every night anyway, seeing it on a midnight news program wasn't exactly a big deal I guess. - Porn broadcast stuns news viewers - Aug 21, 2006

Friday, August 18, 2006

Like Better

Just try it - it's fun.....

photos you likebetter: you are what you like

Google is No. 1 search on AOL

I'm not sure whether this is funny, or scary. The most searched for item on AOL is Google.

Google is No. 1 search on AOL - 08/18/06 - The Detroit News Online

Office Training Video

I stumbled across this little treat on the web. Microsoft commissioned the UK Office stars to make an internal training video for them, and someone kindly loaded it up on Google. I think there's another part to this one I've posted here, so make sure you check out Google Video after you're done with this one.

Friday Roundup - Cars, Stars and Gadgets

OK - seems like lots going on today, and I'm busy, so condensing a few posts down to this neat little one package.

First off, pricing for the Jag XKR was announced - $86.5k for a real roof, $92.5k for one of those material things that fold down when it's sunny.

Next up, couple of Porsche spy pics - the new GT2 (which apparently might have lots and lots of carbon fibre in it, and up to 500bhp), followed by the facelifted Cayenne (which is still damn ugly) - both courtesy of World Car Fans.

Star portion reserved for those bad boys with the alcohol - Mel Gibson got 3 years probation for his recent incident, and it looks like the boy from The Sixth Sense didn't get quite so lucky, and could be looking at a full 3 years in jail!

On the gadgets side, rumours of Microsofts Zume being just a remake of Toshibas Gigabeat player, Tivo wins a patent infringement case against Dish Networks, but then Dish immediately gets an injunction on the injunction, so they don't have to shut down their systems just yet. In more interesting news, Lions Gate is sort of confirming all the rumours of a Video iPod, with news that it had signed up with Apple to distribute digital movies through iTunes.

And that's all folks. Lunchtime over, back to work.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

New BMW M3 (E90)

Having recently purchased my very own M3 I'm much more interested in any news on the new version than I would otherwise have been.

Which brings me to the latest speculation from that series of tubes called the web, where someone is claiming to have the specs and prices for the E90 version of the M3, with it's V8 powered engine and unfortunately bangled body (I am biased towards the current one, given I've still a few more years left of payments).

So, details pan out t0 (and don't forget, this isn't guaranteed in the slightest) base price of $53,975, 412 HP V8 with 310 ft/lbs of torque, a carbon fibre roof and SMG included as a no charge option. Lots of options to increase the price (but no ZCP package, or CS to the UK boys and girls, yet - but remember, the current version was out for about 4 or 5 years before this came available this go around), and even the Power Rear Sunshades have gone up $100 to $350 this time around (the only time I've ever used mine has been when I've been showing people what I had to buy to get mine delivered without a 3 month wait). And this time it looks like you can get Sirius installed direct, but given my wife fixed mine up very nicely thank you very much (and I haven't listened to a single minute of anything else since it's been in the car), this isn't as exciting as it might have been.

Anyway, I'll only start to drool if and when the car is confirmed as the best drivers car this side of a 997 C4S, and even then, I still think it looks too fat, and will be too heavy to handle as sweetly as my baby.

Get lazy, read REDDIT

If you can't be bothered to work out which news stories you should be reading by trawling through BBC, CNN, Drudge et al, welcome to Reddit, where good (or at least popular) stories are voted to the top, meaning you click less, smile more, and generally lead a happier life (or something like that).

The story currently hitting number 3 on my list is another Bush classic by the way - Bush telling the mother of a dead soldier "How do you know his life would have been good?". There's a way for the President to cheer someone up... what's new online

Naked Air Travel

Not quite, but the latest screening technologies basically strip search you without the hassle of taking off your clothes.

Given the recent events over the last couple of weeks, the clamour for these machines is getting a little stronger - it looks like they're a lot more popular in Europe than they would be over here ('m sure the dress policy on the beaches might have something to do with this).

Anyway, you can check out the video here - I'm just waiting for the first round of products to enhance the look of your "thing" when being x-rayed.....

Matthews New Cell Phone / Mobile

I'm obviously a little jealous. Once again, the phones you can get back home are always better than the ones over here. Even US made Motorolas typically debut in Europe before the US - what's up with that?

Anyway, this one is the little brothers new toy - 5 megapixel camera, strobe flash, video recording and MP3 player all bundled into the one neat package.....

JonBenett Ramsey Suspect Arrested and Confesses

It's not often that a Denver story makes it onto the front page of the (UK version of the) BBC website, but such an occurance happened last night.

Probably the second most famous (or notorious) Denver storyline since I've been here has been the mysterious death of JonBenet (after Columbine, obviously) - the local press basically covering any new updates to the story (and randomly making things up on a quiet night) as if the story was just breaking.

Anyway, now that it looks like the police have their man, I wonder how many of the local radio, tv and newspapers are going to issue apologies to the parents (well, at least the dad, the mother died in June) for the lightly veiled "we know you did it, the police just can't prove it" undertone to every single story they ever did on this subject?

Vibrating Headphones

Now I haven't quite worked out why on earth you'd ever need your headphones to vibrate, but someone came up with the concept and released a pair. And 12 hours of vibrating pleasure with one battery no less.

Maybe the sound quality was so bad, they wanted to distract you - I have no idea. If anyone else has a clue, please fill me in....

More details here if you're really interested.

You Tube Barries!

First off, if you got a random email from me inviting you to join YouTube, sorry - I had no control over that. All I was doing was trying to see who was already registered out of my hotmail contacts (a wide, varied and never kept up to date list that has now made the incredible Dan Song registered as a friend in YouTube....), but it decided to take it upon itself to send an email to everyone without my permission. Nice.

Anyway, the result of that is some of you guys actually said yes, one of which was Mr Flangio. Now obviously, this could be a little on the scary side, so I limited myself to only one of his videos during a quick run through. Luckily it was a cracker, so it's below. Not sure setting your wife on fire is the best way to stay on her good side though Sean....

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Carbon Fibre Baseball Caps?

I'm a big fan of carbon fibre, in the motoring sort of way. Anything that they use to build Ferrari's and Formula One cars is normally a winner (although I'm yet to be convinced of buying the paddle shifted version of the Ferrari if I ever save up enough money).

However, on the peak of a cap?? I've yet to be convinced, and having a quick look at the prices of these (115 Euros, which I'm not sure what it means in real money terms) they're not cheap either. And don't they need a logo or something on the front there?

While on the subject of caps, here's a little tip. If you don't want little plastic spikes poking you in the head from your favo(u)rite cap every time you wear it, don't put it in the washing machine, no matter how dirty it gets. I'm sure if I had of been brought up on this side of the pond, I probably would have known this, but being cap free throughout most of my life (probably until just a couple of years ago actually), I wasn't as knowledgable as I needed to be. Oh well, at least I only washed one of them.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

So, apparently a couple of months before the World Trade Center attack, some guy predicted the US government staging a huge staged terrorist attack so that the Bush administration could go to war before the election. Normally I would blow this off, but the prediction mentioned the World Trade Center as well as the CIA pinning the blame on Osama.

Not saying any of this is true, but the YouTube video looks like it's on Fox News (but no date). Anyway, too tired to do my own research, so decide for yourself and let me know... Video is here

And sorry for all the blank screens - YouTube is having a bit of a barry apparently

TIME's 50 Coolest Websites

Haven't been through all of these yet, but should be interesting. There's obviously a few that are pretty common, such as YouTube and Zillow, but also a wide selection that I haven't even heard of... 50 Coolest Websites

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Premier League Starts Next Week

Can't wait, and just to wet your appetite a little, here's someone who won't be playing there this season (or any season soon I'm guessing), and who unfortunately failed to deliver in the World Cup. I'd still have him for Newcastle though - maybe this is who Roeder is negotiating with this week (I can dream a little).

How To Be a Chav

Just in case you fancied learning properly, we have a special video below with details on hair, make-up and clothes.

I've been away from home so long I can't make out the accent, but it sounds a little makem to me - if anyone can work it out, I'd appreciate the help. You also don't get too many chavs in Denver from what I've seen, so I'm able to wear my Burberry shirt(s) in complete shameless abandon.....

Three Years of Pictures

Not of me - I wouldn't even subject myself to that, but this girl took 3 years of pics of herself everyday, and then created a movie out of them one by one. It actually turned out pretty cool.

Blog Updates

No pics from Friday night yet, as Heidi has ran off to her sisters with the camera. However, after complaints from Mr Wallace of the blog stopping his computer for 5 seconds (enough time for him to write enough code to keep a client happy for months), I've made a couple of minor changes. I deleted the Italian Football Training Clip from a couple of months ago, as the autostart function was permanently set to yes, no matter what I changed in the code, and after a brief and slightly unsuccessful stint with BloggerKit, I've removed their code as well, as it seemed to take a decent bit of time for it to load up.

Stay tuned for later, when we'll have some action shots of Lauren taking on the world in Ping Pong/Table Tennis, and a couple of blow-up dolls making a VIP guest appearance at the Penn's "I'm even older than Aaron" party.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not bad for a Peugeot

Still just a concept car for the Paris Motor Show, but it looks like those French boys might be back on track in designing interesting cars. The 205 (1.9 GTi of course) and then the 406 coupe were 2 of my favourites growing up. No chance of them making the leap across the water to the US though, at least not that I've heard.

Daniel Gets Flickr!!

Originally uploaded by fatpantsandclaire.
This is all getting a bit too much - before you know it, he'll have my job!

Anyway, now I get regular Ella photos instead of the once every 6 months I've had to survive on in the past.

His photos are here if you want to check them out.

Daniel gets a blog!

And here it is....


Wee Bobby Thompson

Given that the world appears to be ending soon (or at least get a lot more difficult to make frequent trips back and forwards across the Atlantic with a relative feeling of safety), I've changed my planned post on the numerous reasons I'm grumpy this morning, to a growing up in Newcastle, there was only one real comedian post. His name was Bobby Thompson, and somehow he managed to bear a pretty decent resemblance to my Grandad. You can tell how long ago this was (and how old I'm getting) by the fact that I can only remember one or two TV appearances, and the main way we enjoyed the stories and jokes he told was through bootlegged tapes my Nana and Grandad had. To be honest, I think they might have only had one or two, but when you're young and impressionable, and you realize that tapes don't just have to contain awful karoake versions of songs your parents made you sing into a microphone, it's a life changing moment.

Anyway, rambling over. Here's a few quotes to keep you going.

The dole is my shepherd, I shall not work."
"I'll give y'u a bottle o' Brandy if you can tell us you pay the 'lectric bill before you get the red letter."
"A man come to oor door. I says come in, take a seat. He says 'I'm coming in to take the lot.'"
"Wu got off the train at Blackpool, the porter came up an' asked if 'e could carry me baggage. I said 'Na, let 'er walk'."
"Wu went into the restaurant an' asked for a coffee. The waiter asked if wu wanted black or white. She says 'I'll have black wi' milk in'."

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Air Flight Tracking

Almost real time (or 10 minute delay for security purposes to you and me) flight tracker that tracks the incoming planes to specific airports. It's posting on one of the gadget sites looks to have overloaded it somehow, so I can't check whether or not DIA is on there, but Boston, LaGuardia and LAX are on there, among others.

Air Flight Tracking and Java Technology

The Greenmarket is shutting!

But at least it's only temporary. Eldon Square is apparently getting renovated so they have to shut the Greenmarket while they do this.

I haven't actually shopped here in years - maybe the odd bunch of flowers, or grabbing a pastie from the Greggs upstairs, but it's still weird when somewhere you used to get dragged on an almost weekly basis closes.

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Council confirms market's closure

The Greatest Chair Ever Designed?

I think it gets my vote....

red dot online: Store and trade fair construction

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Turret Gun System? Isn't America Scary Enough?

This one is probably in Mr Ketchledge's favo(u)rites list, but shown here to give everyone the chance to witness the latest and greatest being bandied about in Defense Review (which as a matter of course I just looked up to make sure the web link worked, and their first title today is "Tactical Edged Weapons (read knife to the normal person on the street) for Serious Social Purposes" - err, does that really mean a good knife to kill people with or something? - serious social purposes to me is a little more along the lines of a weekend bender with friends to Vegas or something, but I've never needed a knife. I did go camping a couple of times, and a sharp knife with aggressive profile would have probably come in handy, but I wouldn't call sitting round a campfire watching Neil drink a bottle of Port, or Graham attempt to remove most of his fingers and legs in a vain attempt at chopping down trees a serious social purpose. Now Percy taking 3/4 of an hour to get a Jack Daniels infused Jenn back to the tent is another matter, but then again, still no knife needed).

Anyway, I digress completely. Sorry. Sort of. Just even more disturbed than I was when I saw the video. Guns on top of an SUV, or car, or mini-van for that matter. It's remote control, and is very likely to make you win any road rage incident you care to partake in, or somehow transport you forward in time to when Mel Gibson was ruling the roads in his car, rather than drinking in his car and slagging off the Jews. Just press play - I've typed too much already...

Concert Season Hits Denver (and Boulder)

Originally uploaded by Neil Stone.
It's been a pretty hectic ramp up in the concert comings and goings in and around Denver in the last couple of weeks, but my badly timed travel schedule, general laziness, and the wifes year long ban on attending concerts all combined nicely to prevent me from getting to any of them.

Luckily for us, Music Guru Mr Stone appeared to get to all of them that mattered, and kindly took some great photos. So, if you're interested (or just want to see how close Neil can get to the stage when the big band in small places concert phenominon(sp?) hits Colorado) check these lot out.



Bloc Party



Burning Flame Jacket - Don't TXT Me!

So the latest in smart clothing brings you the jacket that heats up when you get a text message (or call maybe as well??). And not only that, but based on who calls you (or whats in the message), different parts of the jacket warm up - the possibilities could be endless.

I'm a little concerned that some of the more serious txt'ers out there might end up with 3rd degree burns wearing this, or at least melt in a pool of sweat (and yes Matthew, I'm talking about you).

Flame 5 - Smart Clothing - Richard Etter

AOL's Search Data Released

I'm pretty sure that this wasn't meant to get released to the general public, but some of AOL's search data ended up out on the internet and provides for some disturbing reading. Although the users are identified only by a unique number, rather than the user name or actual name, it still means you can view their search history over a period of time, and with reasonable accuracy predict what's going on in their lives.

CNet has a pretty good article, including some examples of deduction from search queries. It definitely makes for interesting reading.

AOL's disturbing glimpse into users' lives | CNET

Monday, August 07, 2006

M5 vs Audi RS4

This is probably one of the scariest clips I've seen, courtesy of Mr Agin. Take a deep breath before you press play, as the driving is a little on the wild side for a public road

World Series of Poker Begins

And the stars come out in force. The link below has a few of the celebrities who were happy to cough up the $10k to enter this year. - Photo Gallery - Celebs at the World Series of Poker

MacPro Announced

And it's fast - live up to the minute (almost) coverage of WWDC in the link below - the MacPro and other fine things hopefully will be announced in the next hour.

WWDC Keynote Coverage - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Touchscreen iPod Due This November Says Our Secret Source - Gizmodo

I guess being stuck in Atlanta airport has it's benefits (still far outweighed by the negatives of United never being able to get a flight out of here on time of course).

Latest rumours from Gizmodo are that they have a secret source high up in the food chain at Apple who says there is a November release of the touchscreen iPod that's been speculated on. The photos above are fake, but man, wouldn't it be nice if the phone was the iPod, and the iPod was the phone, and it looked something like this?? I need to make sure I've got some savings in the bank in November, that's for sure...

Touchscreen iPod Due This November Says Our Secret Source - Gizmodo

Newcastle Drinking Habits

Newcastle tops the league in binge drinking according to an official report this week. The thing that concerns me about this is that they needed a report to confirm this - I though everyone knew it was pretty standard practise to go out on a Friday (and Thursday and Saturday and sometimes Sunday), and try to fit in as many drinks as you can between 7 and 11. It would have taken a quick trip to the Bigg Market to work this one out.

BBC NEWS | Health | Binge drinking 'worst in north'

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Treadmill Dancing

I'm not sure if this is a new craze or not, but it looks pretty cool to me.

Not quite sure what the scariest thing about this is - the length of time it must have taken to get this all sorted (and done in a single take), or the fact that two of these guys look a little like Nixta from a distance (especially with the pants).

Anyway, enjoy - it made me grin lots

iPhone Next Week?

Let the rumours begin - well, they started months ago with various bits and pieces, but no real solid leaks yet, and the Apple WWDC is next week. So it looks like we'll have to wait until we hear those famous "one more thing..." words from Mr Jobs before we really know whether anything is going to happen on this.

Still, if it looks anything like the (I presume) photoshopped offering shown here, I could be waiting in line at the Apple Store to get mine first. Bring it on Steve, bring it on.