Monday, February 27, 2006

Apple Day Tomorrow

I've had enough of the speculation, so we're just going to sit tight and wait and see. I won't even be able to check this out until later tomorrow as I'm at a conference.

So, in the meantime, here's a little entertaining pic that could well be the announcement. After all, who doesn't think Mac and Cheese is fun?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Big (TV) Weekend

So after spending the majority of the last 24 hours inside one electronics store or another, I finally made the purchase. It wasn't exactly how I planned (now there's a surprise), so I ended up without a plasma, and with another surround sound solution (not a full system).

Final damage was a little over what I had budgeted (another surprise, eh?) but I think the whole thing will rock. I got the Sony Bravia LCD, and the Yamaha Sound Wall thing (real surround sound from a single bank of speakers mounted on the wall (or in front of the tv). I never believed in this sort of stuff, not even the Bose system they had - I've always gone for the amp and 5 speaker approach. However, I listened to this in the store (shop) and it actually works - not trusting my own ears, I checked out the CNET review, and they are believers too.

So, a surround sound that I didn't plan on, an LCD instead of a plasma, and then the pyriad of cables and a new Harmony remote control to keep everything under control, and the budget was blown. Still, possibly the best purchase of today was the proper install. Consultation is tomorrow, but we're getting everything hung up on the wall, and all the cables routed behind the walls - it's going to be cool.

I also managed to catch up on some clothes purchases - I've avoided any of these for a long time now, but made up for it this weekend. I hit a couple of sales, a couple of discount racks and ended up with a new wardrobe. Pride of place was the Armani jacket, which I nearly didn't get, but the wife persuaded me, and I'm glad I did it now. Also a couple of shirts for work, and a couple for going out - I just have to make sure I go out to take advantage of them...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Porsche Reveals 911 GT3

Oh yes, it's here. And I'm seriously tempted to put off all of my planned purchases for the weekend and slap down a deposit for this beautiful little thing at the Porsche garage.

The usual GT3 specs - rip out everything you don't need, turn up the tuning on the non-blown engine, sort out a bit of the suspension and brakes, and then let all hell brake loose. Guaranteed (I hope anyway) to be the best handling Porsche 911 of all time (again), super responsive, and super responsible for big grins every time you drive it.


Porsche Reveals 911 GT3 Ahead of Geneva Launch - Jalopnik

Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

No pics for this one (some things you should be happy for), but a man caught in "relations" with a goat was forced to marry it. He even had to pay a dowry to the former owner - that'll teach him.

BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat

Cole Edward Briscoe

Cole Edward Briscoe
Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
Trev and Julia are the happy parents of Cole Edward Briscoe, born early morning of 17th February, and weighing in at a healthy 5lbs.

Everyone is doing well - congratulations mate!!

Civic Type-R

Honda, bring this over here please....... (but not in yellow)

Screaming Yellow Zonker: Honda Civic Type-R breaks cover before Geneva debut - Autoblog

Thomas Pink iPod tie keeps your nano on your neck

Thomas Pink make great shirts and cufflinks, although I've never owned anything from them (that I can remember). Given when I had to wear shirts, ties and suits was when I was in England and constantly skint, and now in the US I get to wear a tie on average about once a year (although last weekend I did get a little dressed up for Maria and Verilyn's renewal of vows ceremony).

Anyway, here's a cool little number that has a special pocket for your nano. The other cool thing about this is that it might prevent your tie blowing all over the place in the land of constant wind (Newcastle). I used to have random devices and methods in the old days to prevent losing an eye while walking outside due to an uncontrollable tie - I'm guessing this would solve that problem (or knock you out....)

Thomas Pink iPod tie keeps your nano on your neck - Engadget

Apple Rumours (part 26)

Everyone knows I get excited at all of this stuff, so further fuelling the fire today are a couple of things I ran across in my effort to drive my brain into a pre-announcement frenzy. Of course, I realize that none of these things will actually occur, but it's nice to dream. Maybe Apple is now using these pre-announcement internet discussion/idea sessions to plan out their future products - can't be a bad idea, can it?

So today, we have a (very probably) fake picture of the new video iPod, and sort of somewhat linked to that, an analyst is claiming that there's a greater than 50% chance of Apple announcing full length movie downloads in iTunes. I'm hoping the two are linked - full movies on the little screen that currently exist aren't going to cut it I don't think (not when I've got my PSP to keep me going on the plane). Anyway, we shall see come next week I guess. I'm still holding out for the plasma with built in Mac, although I'll make do with a mac mini with a iPod doc and Frontrow in it for our newly planned bedroom movie extravaganza.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Arctic Monkeys hottest act at NME

Need I say more? Cd in the car, permanent play on my iPod, permanent grin on my face.... If you haven't tried it, "do it" as Horatio Cane would say so sternly on a Monday night.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arctic Monkeys hottest act at NME

Police: 'Burberry Bandit' Bagged

Chav's make it all the way to Denver.....

No pics yet, but when I find one, it's going up. Long live England, The Queen and all that bollocks...... - News - Police: 'Burberry Bandit' Bagged

Some sick people out there

I won't go into details here, but this story is pretty disgraceful. Given how serious it was, I'm pretty sure the 9 years this guy got was not enough - why he would ever be allowed out again is beyond me. And why were there no manslaughter charges?

BBC NEWS | Scotland | really bad story

Weekend Shopping

So it looks like I might manage to escape from work for a couple of hours this weekend to indulge myself in the first big purchase in a long time. We're finally emerging from the post-wedding debt, so I need my techie fix. Given I haven't actually purchased a TV since about 1998, that emerged as top of my list (although the new Macs were tempting, we can survive with what we've got for now).

So, totally out of touch with the world as far as what is good and bad in the world of plasmas (and trying to avoid putting LCD's into the mix to further confuse the equation), but been doing a little research to try and arm myself with information before I get sucked into the world of the Circuit City/Best Buy salesperson who knows less than me. And so far, it looks like this little number from Pioneer is winning the race. However, all of the Panasonic models also get great reviews (and look a little cheaper as well), so I might be swung in a totally new direction come Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned (and if you have an opinion, please let me know, coz this stuff is scary....)

Pioneer PDP-4360HD Reviews. Flat-panel and Plasma TVs Reviews by CNET.

More Entertaining Emails

Infectious Greed, my usual source for all things VC (as opposed to my wifes fixation with all things VS, and no Jenn, not you), comes up trumps again with an email fight. How these things get out on the internet, I'm not sure, but they definitely are entertaining. It all surrounds a job offer, subsequently changed, accepted and rejected (not necessarily in that order).

Speaking of job offers, for some reason I've had 2 calls in the last 3 weeks from 2 different head hunters. Luckily I was out at the time, so they hit the voicemail. If they actually knew me, they'd realize that I'm ridiculously happy where I'm at, and the only thing that's ever going to tempt me would be something I'm unqualified for (CEO (or any C level I guess) of GE or something similar), and something like I've got now but back in wet and rainy England. Neither of which are going to happen, so no-one gets a return call. Did I say I loved my job?

Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed: Abdalla v. Korman, or Bla Bla Bla

Inside the Actor's Studio in iTunes next week

Another post for Lauren (no cars, and she's one of 3 people I know who actually read this site).

iTunes is continuing to beef up the TV shows that you can download, and the latest they've sneaked in is Inside the Actor's Studio. Apparently, Lauren is addicted to this show (I've watched it once or twice, and it seemed ok, but never overwhelmingly good or anything). Now we just have to work out if she's got a video iPod to watch this on (I have a feeling there was a U2 iPod somewhere in her past), and if not, when Neilio is going to buy her one ;-)

Inside the Actor's Studio in iTunes next week - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Woman In Spain Has 15lb Baby!

The pain is unimaginable (especially for me, as I'm a boy). I was convinced that the Pete and Lisa show for producing large babies was going to be a winner, but a Columbian in Spain beat them all out with something so remarkably large, it came out of the womb and immediately took control of the remote and switched on the cartoons (that bit was a lie by the way - Sky Sports, as everyone knows, is always first choice for anyone grabbing a remote).

Anyway, I think Claire had enough to go through with Ella's birth without having to deal with such a large baby, so for that we can definitely be thankful. Possibly the scariest part of the article though was the guy claiming that he had a 17lb kid with another woman - he obviously keeps eating the Ready Brek.

Rocky Mountain News: News

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Apple teases launch of mysterious, 'fun' products | CNET

Finally, an Apple release that also coincides with a release of funds in my personal bank account! No idea what the release is, but it might make me hold off getting anything at the weekend (that, and the fact that I can't decide on which plasma to get, and I haven't found anyone with any XBox360's lying around).

Anyway, lots of the usual speculation, but if it happens to be the new Video iPod, and it looks remotely like the pic, they have one happy new customer. There's still the old rumour from a few months of the plasma with computer in the back, but that seems to have died a death. Anyway, all on hold until further notice - now if I can just hold on past the weekend......

Apple teases launch of mysterious, 'fun' products | CNET

Enzo Bites the Dust

This breaks my heart - someone apparently coming back from a night out went past Starbucks at around 150, and lost it (maybe they should have stopped for the venti Carmel Machiatto). More pics after the jump, including the engine lying on it's lonesome in the road, and a trail of parts stretching a good lenght down the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

I may never recoved from this - what a waste of a great car.

More on the Enzo Incident on PCH, With Photos! - Jalopnik

Daniel got a tattoo!

In honour of the birth of his new baby daughter. It's a big one! but not as big as the one for his back he was looking at.

He also confirmed the rumour that these things hurt (although how wouldn't it with all those needles). Nothing a couple of Jack and Cokes couldn't fix I bet.

My name is Bond

So it looks like not only does Mr Bond get to pick from a gorgeous selection of girls (but I'm keeping Heidi all to myself), Aston Martin go out and make him his own car. How's that for a sweet deal.

I think the pic is still a design sketch, and not sure whether or not they're actually going to make this thing (they did make the DB9 without the guns attached) - it probably tells you in the article, but I'm in a particular lazy mood today, so you can read it yourself here.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Too old for this stuff (but skateboarding makes me happy)

I gave up trying to find a direct link on Google Video for this (YouTube and Heavy are much easier to deal with it seems), so here's the indirect link to one of Nixtas buddies on How it Happened.

I haven't seen many skating videos for a good few years now (Animal Chin anyone?) but the stuff these guys were doing on here made me moan and yelp so much the rest of the office probably thought I was either a) seriously ill, or b) watching videos of ill repute in the office (of course, I could be stuck with the curse of the girl last night in already mentioned too many times fave show, Greys Anatomy, but I'm not).

Anyway, enough rambling - the video is pretty long for a quick view (6 minutes - I got through 3 before I needed to write this and get back to doing some work), and stick with it through the introduction weird arty section. Trust me (I'm a doctor), it's worth it.

Grey's Anatomy Update

Probably one of the reasons why I'm not in TV writing - George did have his dreams come true last night. I'm sure it'll just go downhill from here, but for now - "Good on you mate".

FA Cup Quarter Final Draw

It looks like our draw luck at least just ran out. Newcastle will play away to Chelsea - definitely the worst possible match if you're looking to qualify. However, I'm not too dis-heartened, given we knocked them out of the Cup last season as well. You just never know - if you're name's on the cup, it doesn't matter who you play on the way there....

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Shivster returns

The Shivster returns
Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
Tartley made it into town as well, and Mr James "Softcock" Sanders got a pass for the night.

It seems that Denver is re-emerging as one of the popular spots in the world for people to come back to. Rumours of Jason and Janib returning, Steph back from her English jaunt, Phil and KT are back for the long term, Softie and Amy arrived with child a couple of weeks ago, and we're frantically working the system to get Shiv's visit to turn into a more permanent one.

Anyway, the night was a good one - lots of old faces out and about, and the laughter (and occasional alcoholic beverage) was flowing.

Oh, and Neil and Lauren made Heidi cry again - it's getting to be a regular occurance...

Rest of the pics here.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Flexible Ski 'Armor' Hardens On Impact - Gizmodo

Given the wife has embarked on a crusade to get us all out of the bars and off the couch, I'm going to need this stuff, and pretty quick....

New Flexible Ski 'Armor' Hardens On Impact - Gizmodo

This is actually some of the coolest stuff I've seen in a long time. I really really want to try it out.

Killer on the loose (well, not quite)

Only 10? Just watch out for the sounds of birds in your neighbourhood - it could be a sign.

And here's the latest in a line of about 20 million jokes...

"Vice President Dick Cheney, while hunting wild geese in the Rose Garden, accidentally shot President Bush twice, once in the heart and once in the head. 'I didn't really shoot the President twice,' said Cheney. 'The second time I shot him, I was president.' "

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Apple Phone?

Could this be real? Will I buy one ????

All these questions and more may never be answered

Monday, February 13, 2006

Grey's Anatomy: (Possibly the best TV show on today)

I know, I know, I could argue the same for a couple of other shows (24 for example, even though we're too addicted to the DVD's to actually watch it "live"). But, last night's episode was amazing - full of drama, emotion, comedy, the whole works. If you're not watching this show yet, it's the perfect way to end a weekend. And personally, I'm rooting for George to have all his wishes made true (but it's never going to happen).

Grey's Anatomy: (As We Know It) - TV Squad

Sorry, more cars

I know, Lauren, but I happened to get this in my mailbox from the nice people over at Porsche, and if I don't write about them, I'll end up going out a buying one, which wouldn't be very good for the budget for the next 7 years.....

Anyway, new 911 Turbo must now be officially announced, and it's fast and pretty. Don't let me go shopping.......

Too many cars

So Lauren thinks there's too many car posts on this site (although given it's mine, and not hers, I don't think she has a leg to stand on).

So just so she doesn't have to scroll too far down the page, here's some pics of a few freaky tv designs. None of them I'd want anymore (but they would have been cool when I was 10 I guess), especially with the advent of the thin and wide ones available these days. Speaking of which, there is a small possibility that I might be in the market for a new plasma or LCD TV for the bedroom, so if anyone has any recommendations, I'd appreciate it. If I keep the purchase price low, I might even have enough money in the budget to supplement it with that XBox 360 I've been threatening to buy for the last 6 months (now that it looks like they'll finally become available). After all, what good is a hi-def tv if you can't take advantage of it....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's a Girl!!!! (and she's called Ella Lucy Patterson)

I said there might not be any posts this week due to the conference, but special occasions warrant breaking the rule.

Me and Heidi became proud Aunty and Uncle for the new baby patterson. It's a girl, 7lb 12oz and everyones healthy (although I'm guessing Claire was a little on the tired side after 300 hours in labour, and knowing Daniel, he hasn't been to sleep since he found out). No name yet, but I'll keep you all posted.

I was so excited I nearly jumped on a plane back home (although common sense prevailed in the end).

UPDATE - Her name is Ella Lucy Patterson, and she should be home tomorrow!

UPDATE 2 - She's home and happy, and more pics here

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Conference Season Begins

With Distributech out here in Tampa. It also means I'm the usual very busy self, trying to keep up with normal work, meeting old friends, doing booth duty and taking clients out for drinks and dinner etc. Currently working off an average of about 5 hours sleep a night, so don't be surprised if this is the last update until the weekend....

Friday, February 03, 2006

What if the Blackberry World just stopped?

Courtesy of The Onion

Oracle's moving down the Fusion Path

I normally try and stay away from the work related stuff here, and reserve all that for drunken conversations with anyone who'll listen (normally only Tonks). However, this piece was an entertaining read, so has a little value even if you couldn't care less about Oracle's future direction now they've bought up all the available business applications vendors outside of SAP.

Basically, the article is based on the old favourite (well, one of mine anyway) TV program, The A-Team, with members of the Oracle executive team allocated the usual roles, and then living out the companies plans and future direction as a predictable episode. Anyway, you need to read it if you're interested - if you're not, then don't ;-)

Parallax : Calculating Technology's Future: I Pity The Fool

Banned Superbowl Adverts

The nice people over at have compiled the most recent (or did this even happen in the old days) adverts that were produced but banned from airing on SuperBowl day. Guaranteed to make you at least chuckly slightly.... Broadband Videos. Humor. Games. Girls. Downloads. Machinima.

Google and China

I'm not going to get into the whole agree or disagree thing - it'll take too long to think it all through, my head hurts already, and I've got way too much work to get through before I'm allowed to leave tonight.

But what is interesting, and a lot easier to see, is the two links below, one from our regular google search we've all come to know and love, and the other one from the Chinese version. I think these are real, rather than someone faking out the world (but I'm ready to be proved wrong). Anyway, check it out.

Normal Google search.
Chinese Google search.

Heather Locklear is back on the market - TV Squad

She already called me, but my heart is taken.

Heather Locklear is back on the market - TV Squad

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Apple's Tablet

I guess now that Apple is once again a big player in the world, people are trawling everywhere for signs of what will be their next product (I'm still hoping for the plasma tv with built in Mac in the back). A favourite spot is the patent sites, to see what market Apple has cornered before it's invented.

Latest is a series of inputs into a tablet - gestures, hand movements etc that control the computer. I think they've already patented some stuff around the tablet hardware (but I could be wrong). Anyway, it looks all nice, and Mr Ives is behind it, so you know it'll be pretty and work spectacularly well (did I mention we went to same Uni?? If only all the stuff I'd done over the years worked as well as an iPod...).

So, do we hold our breath until it comes out, or is this likely to be in a couple of years time? Just remember, the iPod wasn't the first mp3 player by a long shot - it was just the best (and prettiest).

And weren't the weird ahnd movements in front of a computer screen in that Tom Cruise sci-fi movie (the name escapes me, but it was the one when he had to have his eyeballs replaced to stop the police tracking his every move - Minority Report maybe?!?)

Apple's patented the Tablet Mac (part II) - Engadget

The Mini Desk

This thing is great - not sure if it will fit in my cube though, and I have a fantastic desk at home... Maybe we need a bigger house?

Premier office accessory for the Italian Job: The Mini Desk - Autoblog

Souness Gone

Another Newcastle manager bites the dust - been a while since we sacked someone, so you could tell it was coming. Actually, a series (or season) of shocking results, a gradual slip down the table towards a relegation battle, and a defence that can never stop the opposition scoring made it inevitable.

Souness did have to battle the biggest and most serious injury list I think I've seen at the club, which can't have made his job any easier. However, there have been rumours that some of this was his own doing - Mark Hughes criticized the Blackburn team he took over as being the least fit of any he has seen.

Anyway, the merry-go-round begins again - Shearer and Roeder in charge for the time being, with the usual list of names being touted around the news - personally, I'm hoping for Sven or Martin O'Neil, but given I've never had my wish yet, it's unlikely....

Comments from NUFC...
Owen's metatarsal and Boumsong's positioning won't instantly improve, but in terms of unity, tactics and motivation things could scarcely get any worse.

Souness said after the Manchester City game that he was getting everything he could out of his squad.

For that statement alone he deserved to go and it's up to those players to ram that statement down his throat by their actions on the pitch. The fightback begins here.

Howay the lads.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Newcastle comes 5th!!

Unfortunately, not a forward view of the Premiership, meaning we'd be heading off to another European foray next season, but a winner in the fattest places in the country league table. At least we didn't win I suppose - Bradford has that honour (must be all those great curry houses).

Luckily, I don't live there, so my portly figure didn't count (we might have won it all otherwise). I live in the (almost) health capital of the USA, but given that no-one has weighed me over here for any competitions, I can't take the blame for losing that one either.

Off for a donut now - have fun! | Health | Bradford named UK's fattest city

Can I have a P please Bob?

Nope, not a story about my impending sample giving escapades (tonight, for life insurance purposes, now that I'm getting old and sensible in case you were wondering), but a story of the mighty BMW suing Nissan for use of the letter M in an ad campaign.

Given how closely M is associated with BMW, you'd think if Nissan wanted to start advertising using the letter, BMW would be thankful - all that free publicity for no outlay. Unless you were stupid enough to think that Nissan had bought the Motorsport division, but if that was the case, you don't deserve one of their cars anyway.

Now the other point of view is obviously whether or not you can sue another company for using a letter of the alphabet. What happens if Google decides it owns the letter G for example, and guys up the rights (rihts)? Millions of sentences would be invalid, at least without a licensing payment. I personally would go for S - not coz it's the most used, which it obviously isn't, but more because of the car association - just think if I could get a deal with Ferrari or Porsche, that in lieu of payment, they just provided me with the car that uses the letter. All the S, RS, GTS etc etc cars - now that would make for a nice garage (or is that arae?)

BMW suing Nissan over the use of "M" - Autoblog

Orlando was Universally Great

Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
Sorry for the lack of posts - spent the weekend in Orlando, meeting with Pete and Lisa and the kids for a few days. We managed to hit Islands of Adventure and the Studios bit as well. As usual, the Hulk was my fave, but the new Mummy ride in the studios bit was pretty good as well.

Hard Rock provided the accomodations once again, and it was great. The only downside - 50 thousand kids checking out on Sunday morning meant our first lie in of the few we had was rudely interupted by the local Rap/R&B radio station at full volume. It wasn't pretty.

Anyway, the rest of the pics are here if you want to check them out.