Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Inside look at a billionaire's budget

This is just scary. You have billions and your accountant is still worried about you spending too much - is this just coz accountants are naturally conservative, or was Larry really taking it down to the wire..

Inside look at a billionaire's budget / Larry Ellison's spending worries his accountant

Friday, January 27, 2006

Spy photo of new Audi Supercar

Nope, I haven't been hiding out in the snow outside the Audi test facilities, but some kind folks look like they have. Apparently this shot is genuine of the new Audi R8 that has been rumoured, but not officially seen in the flesh. It looks a little like that ridiculously expensive MG that came out in England a couple of years ago from this shot, but be assured, it should look gorgeous and distinctive (and not cobbled together with pieces of bodywork they found lying around, ala MG) when we finally get the official photos.

Rocky XXVVIII (or something like that)

How sad is this - the only thing older that the title of the film (I think technically it's really only up to 6, but hey, what's wrong with a little over-exageration every now and again), is Mr Stallone himself. He's obviously been working out again to get into some sort of shape, but that guy must be 50 by now - surely that's old enough to want to never go topless in public again (my personal limit was around 27).

Anyway, it's obviously in production now, and Sony are leaking a couple of shots every now and again to drum up interest. I wonder if he dies in this one, and then his son takes up the role to beat his killer (oh no, isn't that the storyline from Rocky III..)

Tuned Skyline

I'm always a sucker for the nice super fast Skylines out there, and this one looks especially meaty. Instead of going the normal tuning route, they chucked in a Merc engine, and 4 (yes F O U R) turbos, along with a sequential gearbox to make this a "little" faster than the one out of the box.

Flared wheel arches get me every time - I think it all harks back to my youth, and the Audi Quattro Sport (short wheelbase version) and the Lancia Delta Integrale. Can you tell I was addicted to rallying?

Broomball Victory!

Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
Well, almost - a 2-2 draw against the top team resulted in at least a moral victory.

Heidi got herself all dressed up in 23 layers and hit the ice running. She managed to stay on her feet the whole game (which is more than can be said for some of the other players), and I (knowing I'm totally biased of course) thought she did amazingly well.

The action shots didn't come out quite as good as I had hoped, but there here if you want to check them out.

Heidi's Latest Cake

Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
She still thinks she's not very good.

I think the pictures tell it all. I rest my case....

Other pics are here

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Amazing Football Skills and Tricks

Definitely worth a look... I need a bit of practice...

Amazing Football Skills and Tricks - Google Video

Sporty New Audi S3 Spy Photos

Where do we get all this nice stuff from - this internet is a great thing for information, bad for my prospective bank balance. Too many cars, too little time and money. Still, dreaming keeps you going....

Sporty New Audi S3 Spy Photos

Alfa Add

Online video promotion for the car I hope relaunches Alfa in the US (although no guarantees that I'd ever get an Alfa that wasn't on a full 3 year warranty or under the duristiction of a company car policy).
*** Machine Warriors ***

Greys Anatomy gets the Prime Spot

Finally, a program that has become essential viewing in the Patterson household is starting to get the credit it deserves. In it's second season now, Grey's Anatomy is funny, sad, gripping, entertaining and we're addicted to it.

ABC seem to have realised it's onto a good thing (and it's not just coz the Desperate Housewives viewers can't be bothered to press the remote button), and have given it a prime spot straight after the Superbowl (which Denver won't be taking part in again). I'll even get the chance to watch it now, as common sense prevailed, and no-one signed up for a SuperBowl day training course at Distributech, resulting in my great relief at not having to do it, and a slightly more reasonable travel schedule of flights out on Monday, instead of Saturday. It's great how some things work out.

DenverPost.com - ENTERTAINMENT

Rodman signs for Brighton!?!?

I didn't even know Brighton had a basketball team, let alone the clout to persuade a former superstar to come out of retirement. Then again, he's signed a one game deal, so it's obviously more of a publicity stunt than anything else. They might actually get some people to show up at their games...

BBC SPORT | Other Sport... | Basketball | Legend Rodman signs for Brighton

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Buy a house, get a free Ferrari

So apparently some guy in Durham is selling his house, and throwing in the Ferrari for free (I presume if you meet his asking price).

The house doesn't look too bad I guess, but obviously after the huge increases in the prices back home, it's not cheap. What does slightly concern me is I can't see a garage - next door has one, but does this place? I have a feeling a Ferrari parked in the street in Durham (or pretty much anywhere in the UK for that matter), won't last long with full electrified fences and a couple of dalmations on the front seat (and even then I'd give it a week).

Still, the guy (who looks like a bit of a wanker) got plenty of press, and I'm sure there's a nice chunky offer going to come in soon. I'm quite tempted to be honest, but given our current cash situation, it's probably better to push this to the back of my mind...


Smallest Earth-like planet found

There could be life out there yet (albeit some very cold life..)

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Smallest Earth-like planet found

BMW Z4 M Coupe

I still haven't decided whether I like this or not. I used to love the old M Coupe, which was sort of based on the old Z3, but looked a lot better. Something about all that power, with no electric nanny to keep you on the road, plus there were never that many around. This one doesn't have quite the same presence, but any small car with an M3 engine in it has to be worth a look. No chance of me getting one though - "BMW's are too common in Denver" says the wife, so they're off the list.

BMW Z4 M Coupe - production version specs and pics - Autoblog

Reservoir Dogs' Penn found dead

Not Sean Penn, of marrying Madonna fame, but his brother Chris (the fat one who popped up in the occasional film here and there). No word on the cause yet, but the old actor, hollywood, not that successful, drug overdose connection did spring immediately to mind. Guess we'll find out in the coming weeks whether I'm being a little harsh..

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Reservoir Dogs' Penn found dead

Monday, January 23, 2006

Poker Night

Originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.
It was a big one (as you can tell from the photo), and the rumour was that I ended up winning in the end, although it all got a little hazy by then... Sunday wasn't fun (and that would have been true even if the Broncos could have pulled out a win).

Anyway, the rest of the pics are here if you want to check them out. And can someone let me know why I had a shower cap on my head, as I really have no recollection of this moment...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Play Commodore 64 games

I know you miss them - now they're available to play once again...

Play Commodore 64 games in your browser - Today's Time Waster - Download Squad

'Pimp daddy' banker suspended over e-mail exchange | CNET News.com

So has anyone seen this email? Rach - you normally forward me this sort of crap given your access to the seedy sides of London, but I'm guessing your impending baby explosion (or birth, as it's normally called) has side-tracked you somewhat. I want to see it, just to see if it's actually anything he should be ashamed of, or just the usual blown out of proportion email chain.

'Pimp daddy' banker suspended over e-mail exchange | CNET News.com

Top 10 Soccer Goals - Cool Soccer Videos

Some classics on here that you may not remember. Although the first goal is a classic from Shearer, there are obviously a few of the goals against Newcastle (Le Tissier of course, and Bergkamp as well)

Top 10 Soccer Goals - Cool Soccer Videos

Crew acquires two superdraft picks from Colorado in two separate deals

So the only professional footballer I actually know is coming back to Denver. After stints in Dallas, Denmark and Columbus, Matt (Jordan) gets traded back to the Rapids for next season (or this season I guess). Hopefully that means Lori and the baby are coming back too, so welcome back guys.

Soccer Capital News Forums - Crew acquires two superdraft picks from Colorado in two separate deals

Motorola/Burton Audex jackets are here - Engadget

So this must mean I'm really cool - Engadget announces that the Burton Audex jackets are shipping today, but (courtesy of my fantastic wife), I've had one since Christmas morning!! I even have it on today, given all the snow that's kicking about. I feel extra special now!

Motorola/Burton Audex jackets are here - Engadget

Lamborghini Gallardo drifting in the snow

So just to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming Gumball Rally, here's a video from one of the previous ones (I think it might have been from the last one), of one of the guys drifting his (very expensive) Lamborghini around in the snow. I did a little of this myself on the way home from the airport last night, but I think I'd be having second thoughts in a big car that costs this much.

Gumball 3000 Rally » Lamborghini Gallardo drifting in the snow

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bent as a three bob note....

More of an excuse to put up a picture of a car I was never quite sure was worth the money. Sure, it was fast, James Bond used it, and it looks pretty nice, but it never quite looked different enough from the Z3 for my liking, especially when it was 3 or 4 times the price if said car. Anyway, it turns out all those nasty people who buy cars to stash away in some air-cooled garage for 20 years, only to bring them out at auction time and make lots of profit are panicking, as apparently (and allegedly, for legal reasons) the aluminium (and yes, it does have an "i" after the "n" for you Americans) chasis is a little prone to warping. Maybe it just wants to be more shaped like it's newer Beemer brethren with all their fancy lines in the side of the bodywork.

Dangerous Curves? BMW Z8 owners reporting cases of chassis warpage - Autoblog

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New law to permit small brothels - BBC

Not really commenting on the news behind this story - never used one, never will, bu the fact that it is actually being discussed in a public forum makes me realize sometimes how different the US and the UK actually is. Can you see George Bush or Dick Cheney actually discussing sensibly something like this?

Whether it's the right or wrong approach is pretty insignificant - it's the discussion of issues and solutions in a free society that should be promoted. OK, off the soapbox now....

BBC NEWS | UK | New law to permit small brothels

Monday, January 16, 2006

Collection Needed

OK - I've never asked any of you for money before (well, I guess that depends on who's reading this, and if I have, I must have paid you back by now..), but this is an emergency. The Jame Bond DB5 is going up for auction later this week - no doubt it will go for millions, but hopefully a quick whip round should get us the required amount. I mean, this car has working .30 caliber Browning machine guns on the front (not sure how they get through the MOT though), the oil slick ejector, revolving number plates - the whole works. Estimates range from 1.5 to 2 million (dollars, so we're ok!) - leave your donation amount in the comments section ;-)

Bond's DB5 Up for Auction

Ferrari F430 may be banned in U.S. - Autoblog

Oh dear - all my dreams are shattered. Well, not exactly, as the chances of me finding the cash prior to 2008 for a car like this are currently slim to non-existent.

And for the sake of an airbad or two, I'm sure Ferrari can fix it in time - or at least you'd hope so. How much are you going to trust an E-Diff going into a corner at over a hundred if they can't engineer an airbag to pass US regulations.....

Ferrari F430 may be banned in U.S. - Autoblog

Spy Shots: ‘08 Mitsubishi Evo X

I thought it was going to look a lot different than current versions, but at first glance, there are still a lot of similarities. The main test will obviously be how ridiculously quick it is, and what the base config for release over here ends up at (we never received the official versions with different power outputs like the UK did). Anyway, couple of more pics after the jump..

Spy Shots: ‘08 Mitsubishi Evo X - The Car Connection

Saturday, January 14, 2006

We Love Jeremy Clarkson

Well, I do anyway. In his usual style, he begins his two page review of the Renault Clio with a page and a half of ranting and raving.

I know it's probably a good thing that Discovery is doing it's own Top Gear (same format, US presenters), but to me, Top Gear will never be the same without JC. Luckily, we have to Final Gear site for the old versions, and the back up of Mr Wallace displaying his technical prowess by taping, copying and delivering mpeg versions when needed.

Renault Clio - Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online

Friday, January 13, 2006

New Jag Convertible

I think I posted a pic of the hardtop version of this a long time ago, but first pics of the XK Convertible are starting to surface now. I still haven't decided if I really like this yet or not. It's nice and all, but would I actually buy one instead of my beloved 911? I doubt it..

More pics and details over at PistonHeads

Will XP boot on Intel Macs after all? - Engadget

The plot thickens - guess we have to wait a month until they're in the wild....

Will XP boot on Intel Macs after all? - Engadget

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Bavarian Falcon - Video: 205 MPH in a BMW M6

Just in case you thought the M6, with all of that V10 power running through it's vains wasn't quite fast enough....

The Bavarian Falcon - Video: 205 MPH in a BMW M6

Man's vigil at wrong hospital bed

Given that this was about life and death, I'm inclined to not laugh quite as much. But the fact is, the guy didn't recognise his own mother in bed, and sat at the wrong bed waiting for her to die (when his real mother was in the next room already dead). Pretty astonishing really - he only found out when his daughter came in and told him that wasn't her Grandmother....

I've no idea how a hospital can be blamed for something like this - if you can't even recognise your own mother, surely it's your own fault, and you can't blame the doctors and nurses....

BBC NEWS | England | Southern Counties | Man's vigil at wrong hospital bed

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No XP on Intel Macs

Could this be the first time ever I'm excited for a new release of Windows?? It turns out that when Vista is released, you can dual boot the new Macs and Bob's your uncle. I think I've just selected my new work computer at the end of this year!

No XP on Intel Macs - Download Squad

Sheryl Crow, Lance Armstrong Split?

Must be gossip day - only posting this one as I've had the pleasure of meeting his ex and the kids. They're great (apart from the kids telling me I needed to stop smoking coz it kills me, which I guess is understandable, both coz it's true and coz of what their Dad went through).

Anyway, Sheryl is apparently a great person, and the kids like her, but looks like it might be on the rocks again. I've obviously only (sort of) one side of the story, but nice to see the article point out the following for everyones perusal
Everybody knows Mr. A., noble cancer survivor he may be, not only busted up with S.C. a time or two before, he also left his wife and young family before hooking up with Crow.

National Ledger - Sheryl Crow, Lance Armstrong Split?

Angelina Jolie Pregnant

A bit of semi-juicy gossip - Brad and Angelina are having a baby (allegedly of course). It's in People magazing, so it must be true.

Makes you wonder if Jeniffer couldn't or didn't want to have kids, and Brad's biological clock was ticking away - makes a refreshing change from the other way around if that's the case.

Angelina Jolie Pregnant | Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Pregnancy : People.com

Firefox Shocker!!!!

I have a theory that my computer is dying, slowly, but surely. I had a couple of problems logging in and Windows picking up my profile a few weeks ago. It seemed to sort itself out after a quick CHKDSK /f on the hard-drive, but now the problems seem to be resurfacing.

Last night, we had the dreaded blue screen, followed by a full memory dump. Everything seemed to restart this morning, but then when I went to use Firefox, all my bookmarks had disappeared. Having had this problem once before, I've been saving all of my bookmarks into a file just in case. So I reloaded, and hoped everything would be good. Nope - random weird stuff was still happening, including having no search engines associated with my little search box at the top. Next stop was a full remove and re-install of Firefox, and still the same. I'm going to have to mess about and see if I can get something to work - it's driving me crazy (I even had to link to the Google homepage on my toolbar buttons - what a waste of space).

Maybe this is all just pointing to the fact that I need a new computer. Being a work one, it has to run Windows (anyone ever tried developing .Net apps on another operating system, or, as is more the case these days, running MS Project and Project Server? I didn't think so). So, all I need is for some nice people to get their hands on one of the new apple MacBook Pros I was talking about earlier, and getting it to dual boot XP and OS X - now that would make me a happy camper indeed...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Apple Computers Announced!

Despite being way to busy to write this, you can't let Mr Jobs deliver a speach with new computers announced and then not write about it here.

Despite there being no new HDTV (yet hopefully), there was a new iMac, and a MacBook Pro laptop, both sporting the new Intel dual core processor (twice the power, same size etc etc). The iMac is pretty much identical, except for the new processor (estimated to be twice as fast), but the laptop has a few new features. Built in iSight, magnetic powercord to stop your computer being dragged across the floor when someone gets their foot tangled in it, and of course, screaming performance in comparison to the old ones (which were still G4 processor based due to overheating and power consumption issues with the G5).

There was also a bunch of software updates for iLife and .Mac, mainly around web publishing and the like (but now that we've got Flickr and this site set up, and Aaron and Heidi went "re-live" again at the weekend, I'm not sure we'll be using it much). Still, it always gives you options. I might even try a video podcast or something - how scary would that be....

Anyway, details, videos, pretty pictures all available here (when it's not to busy to dish out pages - Apple is a somewhat popular site today...)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Golden Wonder no longer Golden (or wonderful)

So the BBC has a story that administrators have been called into Golden Wonder after "significant losses". Could this spell the end of the Scampi flavoured Nik-Nak? I certainly hope not - this was part of my staple diet (along with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages and the occasional cheese and ham toastie) at my local back home.

Infectious Greed Provides Todays Entertainment

Mr Kedrosky's blog on Venture Capital stuff once again came up trumps with some entertainment this morning, which saved my from self destructing while trying to finalize my course slides for Distributech.

First up is pretty much an email fight between a Harvard Business School student, and Jim Rogers, a famous (and no doubt rich) investor. You can read it here.

Second, he confirms that there is a correlation between wealth and alchohol consumption (and it's a positive effect).
The drinker’s bonus — the finding that drinkers of alcohol earn more than non-drinkers — is one of my favorite spurious correlations, and there is a new paper out confirming its existence....
Gin and tonics for me tonight then...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Audi S6

Add this to the list of cars I want to own....

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Apple to launch plasma HDTVs at Macworld next week?

If this is true, and the picture quality is up to scratch, they've already got my money......

Apple to launch plasma HDTVs at Macworld next week? - Engadget

Friday, January 06, 2006

Oh how I chuckled

Sorry in advance, Pete, but given all the grief Newcastle are getting at the minute, a little light hearted relief at the expense of our mackem neighbours seems necessary.


"We are in a no-win situation" - Mick McCarthy insists it's business as usual for Sunderland ahead of his side's FA Cup third round tie with non-league Northwich Victoria on Sunday.

911 GT3 Pix

Looks like it's definitely a car week. New pix of the 911 GT3 (and a few more if you click through bleow to those nice gentleman at Piston Heads)

Porsche News

Wal-Mart deals with pair of snafus to start 2006 - Jan. 6, 2006

I thought this was an April fool, until I realised that it was still early January and a little early for such frolics.

Second problem doesn't seem that bad to me, but the first one - wow (especially over here).

Wal-Mart is ringing in the new year with a pair of snafus.

The retail giant apologized Thursday after its Web site directed buyers of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Planet of the Apes" DVDs to consider DVDs with African American themes.

The company said it would shut down its cross-selling system until the problem was resolved.

Big Apple Week starts Monday

More of an excuse to put up the little pic, but next week could/should/will be another one of those big announcements from my favourite company.

Apple Expo starts on Monday, with Jobs hopefully doing his "Just one more thing" keynote address. Lots of speculation on what it might be - Intel powered iBooks, DVR type functionality in the iMacs, more/smaller/bigger iPods (mainly shuffle I think) etc etc. Hopefully it's all good stuff (and it will hit the shelves about the same time as I find out if I managed to get a nice bonus this year). It could be dangerous...

UPDATE - so it looks like my web server doesn't support animated gifs, so you need to jump here to see the full effect...

Souness will stay and fight

He's clinging on - personally, I think it's pointless changing our manager so soon, after he's spent all the money, and we don't really have any viable alternatives. We need to find someone, and let him do his job for a few years, so he can get it right. If you think back, Alex Ferguson nearly got fired a couple of times, coz his first year or two were pretty bad, and then he went on this run of having the dominant team for about 10 years. And given how many injuries we currently have, any team would be struggling, not just ours.

Anyway, here's the transcript of the Sky interview Souness gave yesterday
It's not helpful. It's not helpful when local newspapers give my players two out of ten and come out with nonsense like they should never wear the black and white shirt again. They're critical of the players themselves and that hurts them. It's critical of the football club, the chairman who backed whatever player was brought in for x amount and it puts enormous pressure on the players.

"Players are always the most important people at a football club and they continually get caned, in my opinion, most unfairly.

"The person who has written that (about Carr) has got another agenda. He wants to make as much mischief for me as possible. I accept that and bring it on.

"If that individual thinks the relationship I have with him, being asked to do it every day, to help him do his job, is so, when it suits him, he can stick it so far up my backside it comes out of the top of my head.

My principle is that you help me, I help you. If you don't help me, why should I help you?

"That story was so far off the mark but it led to great mischief for me. Stephen Carr and I haven't had a bust-up. We've spoken but a bust-up suggests we were about to fight with each other and that has never happened."

"I can assure the fans that, when a game starts, I am for that 90 minutes, the biggest fan Newcastle has. I feel tremendous responsibility and have always tried to do whatever job to the best of my abilities. It's how I approach this one. I am the man in possession of this seat right now and I will give everything I've got to be successful. We'll leave no stone unturned to try and bring success to this club.

"The chants aren't helpful. I've been in the business a very long time and I don't think anyone can say or write anything about me that hasn't already been said. We do it because we love football and want to do it. I still love football, going to games, watching the boys training and matchdays.

"As long as I feel that, I'll always do it. It's not helpful but I'm only interested in the players on the pitch and how it will affect them. I've got broad shoulders and always manage to live with what has been said before.

"I bet I'm the only manager in the Premier League who's not had a single player knock on my door on a Friday and say: 'Why am I not in the team?' Nobody's done anything wrong here. If I could go back six months, I'd still sign the same players, the ones who have left, bar two, I wanted them out of the door. Training maybe we should have moved to the academy sooner but we've done that now. There's not too much I would change here.

"Lady luck has decided it's not for us at this moment in time. It's not the time your head blows off your shoulders but it's time for everyone to stick together and what can you do but work harder?

"As you know, I don't read a lot of newspapers. I understand certain individuals have gone down the road that my days are numbered.

"My attitude to it is just keep working away. When I got this job, you don't get any job really unless they've got lots of problems. I inherited a very difficult situation, a very difficult dressing room and I sorted the dressing room out and got rid of some dodgy characters.

"We have a very strong dressing room now. Most of the players who left, we wanted to leave. One or two, we would much preferred to have stayed but they made it plain they wanted to leave so, unfortunately, they did.

"We brought in some very good players but unfortunately this injury situation has killed us. I'm not hiding behind the injuries as some fool has written, the facts are we have been decimated by injuries.

"Two things happen when you can't put your strongest team onto the pitch. A - you can't play the kind of football you want to play and B - you won't get the same results.

"I'm here, I'll remain here until somebody else tells me differently. I think we have a group of players very much together at this moment in time. I can reassure the fans we're working as hard as we possibly can to win as many games as we can.

"Right now, we find ourselves in a difficult situation, eight of our top men are missing. There's not a club in the country who could withstand that sort of damage to our squad - not Chelsea, not Arsenal, not Manchester United.

"I spoke to him (Shepherd) yesterday,. From my point of view, it's fine. We had a meeting and spoke about the possibility of new players and things we would like to do on that front.

"That was the general theme of the chat we had.

"I think that (the pressure) is the price on the ticket of the manager of Newcastle United.

Certain aspects of the job are extremely difficult, more difficult than at any other football club.

Circumstances here which prevail don't prevail at any other football club.

I won't go into detail on that but it makes managing Newcastle very difficult.

"I think we have, right now, some of our very best players at this club not playing. If you look at Arsenal, the general consensus if Arsenal are not the same team as one player isn't there any more. We're missing seven and eight, five and six, and what does that do to our team? It's not going to be the team we thought we were going to be with those people missing."

New Ferrari?

Despite this being the week for CES, it seems that we've got quite a bit of car stuff going on as well (with or without the LA Car Show).

After declaring my love of the Muira yesterday, pics come out of possibly the new Ferrari Maranello, and I think I like it even more... Of course, it's a Ferrari, which makes it immediately go into my top ten car list (along with being red), but I actually think this thing looks pretty amazing as well. I'm not sure about the vents in the side yet (just behind the Scudera Shield, and in front of the rear wheel arch), but apart from that it's a winner in my book.

Now, if I can win that lottery, I'll have one in red, manual gearbox, and the HTC performance pack if available - thanks...

Is this the New Ferrari 600 Maranello? - Jalopnik

UPDATE!!!! - looks like Channel 4 kindly found some video of this being tested around the ring for us (although in heavy disguise). Check it out here

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Conspiracy's abound

So Ash always gives me a hard time about having all of these conspiracy theories for some of the major things that happen in the world. However, when you learn stuff like this (about the US government keeping track of your web habits via illegal practices) how can you not think about the sinister side of things? It's got to make you at least wonder a little, doesn't it?

Government Web sites are keeping an eye on you | CNET News.com

Lamborghini Miura Concept Lives!

Jalopnik has the latest on the Miura concept car, with some funky pictures of how it will/might look.

I always fancied one of these when I was growing up (even to the extent of checking out the prices out here for an old one a couple of months ago). I know the old ones used to take off once you got above 90, but they're just so gorgeous, you could forgive a few (minor) irritations such as that ;-) The new one looks fantastic as well, if it comes out looking anything like these pics.

And while we're talking about cars, Mr Penn has a pic of his latest "Golden Badger" up here. Glad he took the advice and stayed away from the old Ash mobile ("I didn't run the engine without oil for _that_ long...")
Lamborghini Miura Concept Lives! - Jalopnik

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

CES - I'm in gadget heaven

So it's the big consumer electronics show out in Vegas (why oh why don't I time my trips out there with one of the cool shows), so there are way to many new things popping up every hour to keep track of. There's no way I'm ever going to be able to write about them all, so you may as well check out the stuff yourself on two of my favourite sites Engadget and Gizmodo.

One thing I will write about is the new bluetooth headset from Nokia - I glanced at a pic of this earlier on today, but didn't read the text, so had no idea what it was. Anyway, it appears to have some pretty stellar talk and charge times, in addition to being so small you better make sure your ear canal isn't wider than the average persons. Trouble with having something like this is the chances of losing it must increase exponentially (not to mention the fact of looking even crazier as you wander round the airport talking to yourself..).

One amazing gadget I haven't wrote about yet, but will soon, is my new jacket. Stay tuned for pics and details - I love it 8-)

Extratasty Get Your Booze On!

Haven't played with this yet, but it looks like fun (even though I'm still off the drink after the New Years Eve party - it won't last long though).

Extratasty Get Your Booze On!

New 4 seater Aston

I guess tired of Bentley getting all the news with the Flying Spur release, and Porsche announcements of the Panamera or whatever its called, Aston fired back with the Aston Martin Rapide.

Basically a 4-seater version of the DB9, it's obviously gorgeous, and will come with the same engine, rated around 450 to 480 bhp.

Now that we're on an Aston theme, I was a little surprised when I went back home that a few of the magazines are no longer quite so loving of the V8 Vantage now that the post release hype is over. Evo were pretty critical of it in their Performance Car of the Year competition, but nicely gave it an out saying the blame could have lay with the different (stickier and firmer sidewalled) tires the car had been supplied to them with. The Clio Renaultsport Trophy, which I've talked about in the past, got another set of rave reviews - almost makes you want to go back home and buy one, even though (by UK prices anyway), it's one of the cheapest performance cars on the road. I might organize myself a test drive when I'm home, just so I can see for myself what all the fuss is about...

PistonHeads Headlines

Newcastle's Season Over?

Well, Scott Parker is the latest in the ever increasing line of players injured for Newcastle. He underwent a knee operation today - NUFC.com did a quick analysis, and it looks like we only have around 15 first team squad members fit at the minute (sorry, 14 now - Bramble is playing with injections due to a groin injury). Of those 14, 3 are keepers, which sort of puts us in dire straits.

Obviously the recent lack of decent results can be attributed to the injuries, but looks like the pressure is building on Sounness - even an article in The Guardian suggesting he could go this week. Although I'm not convinced that Sounness is the right man for the job long term, he would definitely have legitimate claims that he didn't get a fair crack of the whip with his first choice team if he goes now. Not that it would make much difference I guess - Premiership managers don't get it easy these days.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Matthews Purple Hair

Matthews Purple Hair
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So my kid brother finally got free from the psycho girlfriend (apart from the sitting outside of his work all day today waiting for him to come out part), and decided to celebrate with a venture into colouring his hair. As you can see, it's now purple - slightly different from his usual blonde stuff. I think we need to get someone to take the pics for him though, so we can see how it looks without him clinging to the camera at the same time.

Anyway, glad you're out of it bro - it's a much sunnier world for you to enjoy now.

New Camera Details

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, we purchased a new camera last week. As you can see, it's very pretty - and a nice big screen on the back for viewing what you take. One of the best bits is the image stabalization stuff inside - helps if you have wobbly hands (like when I'm trying to drink at the same time for example).

The one thing I did notice yesterday when uploading the New Year pics into Flickr was the extra size of the files. Now that we've moved up from 2 to 6 megapixels, the file sizes are coming in around 3MB - great if you want to print off large pics, bad if you're trying to quickly load into Flickr. I think it took a good couple of hours for the pics yesterday, so I've changed the defaults in Flickr to cut down the size slightly.

Still learning what all the buttons on the back do (will probably take me a couple of years to work it all out), but the pictures so far have come out great.

Panasonic Model Details

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year in Frisco

The Boys
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It was a blast - photos up here

Started out with a meal at the Boat House (or yard, can't remember). I took the sensible approach and went easy on the drinks during dinner, although wine, gin and tonic, jack and coke and then a straight jack doesn't always constitute easy going, as my wife kindly pointed out today. We then hit Chill, which I think is the only club in Frisco. Somehow, Jason had reserved almost the whole section of couches, so there was plenty of space for us all.

Everyone got fully equipped with the dodgy hats and those plastic tube light things. As you can tell from some of the photos, they were useful in a variety of different situations.

Oh, and speaking of photos, we got a new camera, which took all the photos. It worked like a charm (although I really need to work out what all the buttons do), and I was proud to wear my little belt pack thing to carry it around.