Friday, October 30, 2009

We had a bit of snow this week

IMG_4939, originally uploaded by Aaron in Denver.

When I got off the plane, way back in 1997, I had no idea what weather to expect over here. Gareth wore his big jacket, ready for the snow, I had something in between, and Mr Rob Younger showed up in shorts and t-shirt to collect us from the airport (September 30th and 80 degrees). 3 weeks later, the storm of 97 arrived and we were buried in 3 feet of snow. Luckily we had a decent beer supply in the fridge, and plenty of film in the camera as we stared outside and on the news in disbelief.

Of course, after that storm, we just presumed that was how winters would be in Denver - huge storms every couple of weeks. It never quite turned out that way, although in the subsequent years we've had a few that are comparable.

Anyway, this one was nowhere close to the original, but it was a decent storm for so early in the season. I think it took a few people by surprise, but luckily I got the snow tires on just in time. And of course, this early means it will all be melted away by the end of the weekend. I love Colorado weather.