Sunday, October 18, 2009

Strangest 0% APR Offer (ever?)

I'm not really sure if 0% financing will make or break the deal with someone looking for one of these, but Lambo is trying to seal the deal I guess. You still have to come up with 20% down ($80k) and it will give you a monthly payment of $5333.33 a month for 60 months (that's 5 years to normal people). If you really want to take a gamble on the Audi reliability coming through on these beauties, there is the 5.9% financing over 12 (yes twelve!!!) years with 10% down for only $3500 per month.

Personally, if I'm spending that much money on a car (and I'm not, just for the record), it's going to be red and from Maranello...

(via Autoblog)