Saturday, May 09, 2009

Get Your Jetpack Today

Once again folks, the future is here and I didn't even realize it. I've always fancied a jetpack (haven't we all?), and now, for the small sum of $100k, you can have your own. It'll do 60mph for half an hour, so should get you to Safeway and back, although holding onto the loaf of bread on the way home might be a little difficult. Maybe they have a slot where you can put the loaf in, so you have ready made toast when you get home? Now that would be really cool.

Check out the video below, and if you want one, the site is here. (and slightly off=topic, but couldn't they have found a better name for this thing? The Martin Jetpack? I mean, it could be called Dave, or Bob, or Steve or Rich or something. And it's a Jetpack, not your neighbor! How about Super Future Flyer? Or Jetpack Jockey? Or something.......)

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