Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feed Me

Cool pic from Like Cool, that I thought would be quite handy to signify the massive amounts of food that could be consumed at our house today. The annual Wife's Birthday's BBQ happens today, and the slight panic that occurs when you have over 70 people reply in the positive to the Evite, and that doesn't include the neighbours or the friends from work is in full swing. Luckily a successful trip to Costco to stock up on food was preceded with an equally successful trip to the liquor store, so I think we're good.

Despite being chief cooker at the grill, I'm going to see if I can fit in taking a few pics as well, so there might be a chance I post a few tomorrow if you're lucky. Stayed tuned.

And Happy Birthday Evie - still can't believe you're one already. See you in November when we're home girl.

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