Sunday, March 23, 2008

JB's Bachelor Party/Pub Crawl


You don't realize how you miss a decent pub crawl until 50 of your closest friends all pile down Colfax for a bit of an event. This one happened to be to celebrate the impending wedding of JB/Tartley/Jon/insertanothernamehere. A great turnout was further compounded late in the evening for Dana's engagement gig, resulting in even more people taking over the bars and sending barstaff into a little frenzy.

Luckily for us, the Aussies left their whistles at home (although a certain wife of an Aussie has the capacity to use the natural whistle approach to round up the troops). The bars were the usual eclectic mix of places we wouldn't normally set foot it, and places we wouldn't normally leave until thrown out at closing time. The weather did it's usual Denver in Springtime thing - sunny most of the day, somehow turning into a decent snowfall for the periods we were expected to walk between bars.

Oh, and we had a Nun with us, and it turns out s/he was an expert cowbell player....

Pics are here

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