Monday, December 24, 2007

God Save the Queen

Or something like that - in possibly the most shocking news in a long time, The Queen now has her own YouTube channel. Old Christmas speeches and random clips from the archives abound - I haven't found the shot of her launching crying about Britney or launching Pepsi bottles with a couple of Mentos in there yet, but I'm sure they're there if you keep digging.

Just coz I'm feeling kinda nostalgic and patriotic, here's the link to the 1957 broadcast - the first ever TV broadcasted one (for the non-UK readers, we get a 10 minute address from the Queen every year on Christmas Day - it used to be compulsory watching when I was younger, but mainly coz it was followed by the latest James Bond film on BBC ;-)

What I want to know now is why The Queen has disabled embedding of the videos? Are they that desperate for the ad share revenue from Google? I thought she was loaded as it is?

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